Retailer Finds Only Optymyze Can Cope with Transaction Volume and Complexity of Capturing Point of Sale Data


A leading North American broadline retailer had the skilled resources in place to manage their own sales performance management operations, but little else. Their 50-year-old legacy Sales Operations system was outdated and couldn’t integrate completely with their in-store POS system. Handling this level of data intricacy and volume would need require a change: SKU-level processing meant that they were expecting upwards of 10,000,000 records per day from Black Friday through the holiday season.

Their 40,000 associates were selling tens of thousands of products across the country, but it wasn’t just a wide product offering that posed a problem: commission rates varied per product based on product bundles or promotions. They needed a level of flexibility and customization that their old system simply couldn’t handle.


The retailer faced several key challenges as a result of dated and inflexible software:

  • Lack of configurability and slow processing speeds led to an inability to vary commission rates by product or product lifecycle stage.
  • Both point-of-sale (POS) and commissions software inadequacies meant the company could not properly associate related transactions, which scuttled plans for ‘bundling’ and ‘mark-down’ commission adjustments.
  • There was no way to automate dispute submission, review, and approval.
  • Sales associates were unable to view the role-based, item-level commission rates that were meant to drive their sales behaviors.
  • The processing cycle was unacceptably slow, with results generated only once per week.


Optymyze deployed its team of professionals to complete the on-premises installation in industry-leading time. Utilizing Optymyze’s No-Code Data Processing Application Development Platform and implementation expertise, the retailer resolved all core challenges:

  • Data integration direct from in-store POS systems to Optymyze enabled quicker processing and fewer “data massaging” steps between transaction-level data to commission statements
  • Dynamic commission rate assignments based on life cycle and markdowns, made possible by increased processing speed and scalability, are helping create significant financial benefits.
  • Special bundle and add-on commission rates are now a reality, thanks to an open data model that supports POS systems and the association of transactions based on proximity and other attributes.
  • In-store access to Optymyze enabled associates access to their personalized commission rates as well as transaction disputes saving time and increasing transparency
  • The dispute resolution process was fully automated after submission, featuring an analyst summary of all associated transactions, is now in place.

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