Retailer Finds Only Optymyze Can Provide Both Technology and Independence


A leading North American broadline retailer had the skilled resources in place to manage its own sales performance management (SPM) operations—but little else. With a slow legacy system that could no longer handle its massive daily data set supporting its 40,000 associates, the company’s search for a replacement solution centered on three objectives: to improve the flexibility and granularity of its commission rate structure; to speed processing from once a week to daily; and to install labor-saving automation.


The retailer faced several key challenges as a result of dated and inflexible software:

  • Lack of configurability and slow processing speeds led to an inability to vary commissions by product or product lifecycle stage.
  • Both point-of-sale (POS) and commissions software inadequacies meant the company could not properly associate related transactions, which scuttled plans for ‘bundling’ and ‘mark-down’ commission adjustments.
  • There was no way to automate dispute submission, review, and approval.
  • Sales associates were unable to view the role-based, item-level commission rates that were meant to drive their sales behaviors.
  • The processing cycle was unacceptably slow, with results generated only once per week.


Optymyze deployed its team of professionals to complete the on-premises installation on time. Utilizing Optymyze’s SPM software and implementation expertise, the retailer resolved all core challenges:

  • Dynamic commission rate assignments based on life-cycle and markdowns, made possible by increased processing speed and scalability, are helping create significant financial benefits.
  • Special bundle and add-on commission rates are now a reality, thanks to an open data model that supports POS systems and the association of transactions based on proximity and other attributes.
  • A fully-automated dispute resolution process, featuring an analyst summary of all associated transactions, is now in place.
  • Salespeople have instant, in-store access to their personalized, item-level commission rates.
  • The system is able to process peak holiday loads of 2 million transactions per day, complete with daily reporting updates.



  • Inability to Adapt
  • Lack of Information
  • Manual Processes


  • Ability to Adapt
  • Effective Communications
  • Automated Processes


  • Plan Modeling
  • Implementation Services
  • Software Support