Optymyze Process Transformation Unleashes Salesperson Potential


A global manufacturer of high-end beauty products found itself struggling to communicate effectively with its sales force. With thirty-plus brands, more than a thousand sales reps, and thousands of retail locations to manage, the company needed a more efficient way to disseminate information to its people. Its legacy processes had left its sales reps incapable of carrying out essential responsibilities – thus fracturing the customer journey across channels.

With the company’s 70-year reputation on the line, corporate leadership came under pressure to implement a solution that would enable its sales force to receive timely information, focus on essential tasks, and prioritize business activities with ease. The goal was a newly empowered sales force that could deliver a seamless, reliable, and highly personal customer experience in retail locations worldwide.


Prior to the company’s collaboration with Optymyze, a single team communicated guidelines, data, and instructions – including promotional materials, retailer training information, and sales analytics – to sales reps via email. Inundated with documents, reps were spending hours scrolling through their inboxes in an attempt to determine which business activities to prioritize. Continually digging for information limited the time they had to visit stores and work with counter staff to review sales numbers and goals, present new products, or help with promotions. In fact, time-sensitive promotions sometimes got lost in the fray and were skipped altogether. As a result, customers were missing out on the prestige experience that underlies the company’s reputation.

To ensure that reps spent less time dealing with email overflow and more time in stores, the company’s communications and marketing processes needed to be revamped, with best practices applied.


Optymyze has delivered both the expertise to enhance these processes and the technology to automate them. The effects of these improvements have been felt at every level of the organization. Personalized, targeted marketing activities have gained the admiration of customers, leading to increased sales. Optymyze has enabled the company to disseminate promotional/seasonal materials, handle corporate communications, guide rep behavior (with detailed sales reports), and manage retailer data. Automating communications has raised the level of consistency in corporate messaging for retailers and end customers alike.

Since Optymyze provides a central point of contact for product managers and sales representatives, administrative overhead costs also have decreased. Simultaneously, revenue is on the rise, due in part to the fact that specific product information is now aligned to the most relevant and lucrative locations. In addition, managers can now easily and immediately deliver accurate and up-to-date data to reps. With their newfound agility, reps are able to ensure that in-store product representations and promotions are aligned with digital campaigns.

Furthermore, reps are now equipped with more targeted retailer data. Not only do they waste less time searching for the correct information, but the time they spend in stores has become more impactful. The Optymyze data repository embedded in the Optymyze technology functions as a single source of truth; data visualizations give reps valuable insight into how their brand is performing. Reps can filter this information by product and category for precise analysis. Efficiency is further enabled by color-coded calendar tasks that ensure reps are squeezing the most out of every minute they spend in stores.


Since partnering with Optymyze our client has seen a 40% reduction in emails received by company reps, who no longer need to waste time sifting through irrelevant or outdated correspondence.

Salespeople are also conveniently able to share their in-store perspective by providing feedback on forms tailored to each brand and retailer; the forms are then stored in and accessed through the system’s retail portal. Product managers use the feedback to gain actionable insight into what works and what doesn’t. For example, if a particular retailer needs more or different training for its counter people, product managers can add sessions or tailor methods. The ultimate result is a more professional, complete, and uniform customer experience.

Coaching reps has also become easier. Product managers now have full, real-time visibility into their salespeople’s daily activities, allowing them to precisely target behaviors and drive increased productivity. The improved efficiency has led to a 47% increase in the time reps spend in stores – the equivalent of adding nearly 500 experienced reps, with none of the associated costs or risks.