Optymyze Helps Global Enterprise Centralize and Energize Its Sales Compensation System


A global corporation providing manufactured goods and services for major infrastructure projects, businesses, and governments in over 140 countries sought a centralized system to improve the management of sales data, sales assignments, sales compensation plans, sales reporting, and other sales processes for over 2,500 salespeople.


The company’s legacy system, which was unable to support the increasing variety of business models and compensation plans, was reduced to serving merely as a calculation engine. The inefficiencies in sales operations were reflected in an extremely poor staffing ratio of one administrative/IT resource to support only 40 salespeople.

Reporting, data extraction, and sales assignment data processing were filled with manual touch points that led to recurring problems:

  • disputes due to incomplete or inaccurate assignments
  • long dispute resolution times—up to ten weeks
  • productivity-killing shadow accounting because of mistrust
  • difficulty making changes due to an inflexible system
  • lack of plan modeling capabilities
  • a serious knowledge gap due to experienced IT resources leaving the company


Working with the company’s global Center of Excellence team and concurrently with various businesses under its global umbrella, Optymyze designed a platform enabling any business with similar workflows and reporting needs to integrate with the central sales performance management system and fine tune their system to suit their needs. During the initial consulting and technology enablement engagement, Optymyze:

  • provided capabilities not previously possible by combining data integration, compensation plan management, workflow process management, and reporting and analytics into a single platform
  • implemented comprehensive processes that automatically maintain data over time
  • designed a sales assignment dispute workflow to consistently resolve inaccuracies

Ultimately, Optymyze went on to manage the company’s day-today sales operations processes.


Salespeople and managers now have 24/7 access via dashboards to accurate, comprehensive sales, sales compensation, and sales performance information with a calculation error rate of near zero. In addition, salespeople now have a forecasting tool that lets them predict their payments based on ‘what if’ scenarios they enter themselves—a substantial improvement over the previous sales information system.

With Optymyze running the day-to-day sales operations processes, the company’s sales force grew several times over while the support staff to salesperson ratio—including Optymyze staff—improved significantly from 1:40 to 1:200. These productivity improvements reduced costs while, at the same time, providing the organization with knowledge continuity, ongoing application of best practices, and continuous strategic transformation.


Optymyze provides organizational agility that allows a large global company to adapt its compensation plans and the way information is presented to different people in different business units—using a single platform and leveraging a team of dedicated experts.



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