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Five Tips for Eliminating Unexpected Risk from Incentive Compensation Plans

To understand how your incentive compensation plan will work before it’s rolled out, first model the plan under different scenarios.

6 Tips for Improving Sales Compensation Communications

One of the primary goals of any sales compensation plan is to motivate and reinforce desired behaviors across the sales force.

Tips to Improve Sales Compensation Plan Communication

Watch the webinar to learn strategies on how to gain your sales reps’ trust and enthusiasm by communicating the plan’s details with openness and clarity.

PC Connection Improves Performance with Optymyze Spif Management

Optymyze is responsible for paying around 600 sales team members and managing a complex set of SPIF programs.

Snack Food Leader Finds the Route to Happier and More Productive Sales Force

Optymyze identified the flaw in the plan and designed a solution that did not affect the incentives that the salespeople appreciated.

Optymyze helps client to drive growth aligning motivation to sales strategy

Optymyze helped the company motivate employees with a clear compensation plan and engaging gamification strategy.

Optymyze Helps a Multi-Media Company Move Towards Digital Age

A multi-billion dollar multimedia company faced challenges in the digital era. Optymyze stepped in to operate its new sales comp plan.

Optymyze helps a global corporation centralize its sales compensation system

Salespeople now have 24/7 access to accurate, comprehensive sales, sales compensation, and sales performance information.

Cellular Provider Manages Constant Change by Partnering with Optymyze

A US-based regional cellular service provider had twice attempted to implement an incentive compensation management system, but failed.

Sales Compensation Management Automation by Optymyze reduces Payment Variances

A large division of a financial services giant needed an automated SCM solution capable of forecasting payments.

Optymyze Helps One of the World’s Largest Banks in Managing its Compensation Plans

By using Optymyze to implement a sales compensation management solution, the banking giant realized substantial operational benefits.

Commission Management by Optymyze Greatly Reduces Commission Overpayment

Optymyze redesigned and automated the sales commission management processes, and implemented a new plan. Improvements were rapid.