Optymyze at the 2016 Sales Force Productivity Conference

Oct 24 – 26, Atlanta


Optymyze is proud to be a first-time sponsor at the 2016 Sales Force Productivity Conference, in Atlanta. The Sales Management Association’s sixth annual Sales Force Productivity Conference is the premiere education and networking event for sales leadership, sales operations, and sales effectiveness professionals.

Join us! Meet our experts at the Optymyze booth or during the sessions “PANEL:Redefining Sales Operations’ Charter”, and “CASE STUDY: Kowa Pharmaceuticals America on Outsourcing Sales Operations”.

PANEL: Re-Defining Sales Operations’ Charter
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 10:30 AM – 11:20 AM

Mihai Popoaca, Senior VP, Professional Services, Optymyze
Bob Kelly, Chairman, Sales Management Association
Dawn Donnelly, Senior VP of Sales Strategy, Fiserv
Tom Chamberlain, VP of Sales Operations, Aspect Software

This session draws on Sales Management Association research and expert insight into how high-performing sales operations functions define objectives, allocate resources optimally, and maximize quality and efficiency. The session highlights firms that have successfully changed or clarified the focus of their sales operations function.

CASE STUDY: Kowa Pharmaceuticals America on Outsourcing Sales Operations
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 3:15 PM – 4:05 PM

Brad Hardy, VP Sales, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America
Jason Farley, Director Sales Operations, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America

Kowa’s 2008 entry into the US market helped realize the Japanese company’s vision of a global pharmaceutical organization. Focused on cardio metabolic therapeutics, Kowa encountered challenges common to fast-growing sales forces in complex selling environments. Chief among these was establishing a sales operations function capable of enabling a productive, effective sales force.

In this session, Kowa describes how it overcame early struggles with inaccurate data, misaligned incentives, and poor reporting insights to provide its sales force with world-class sales operations support. Rethinking existing investments in in-house resources, Kowa outsourced the bulk of its sales operations, while improving brand quota attainment by 14%, and dramatically improving sales performance management and support levels across a broad spectrum of deliverables.