5 Steps to Improving Quota Attainment

Recent research shows that half of the salespeople miss their quotas each year, generating high costs related to lost opportunities and growing turnover. How can sales organizations improve their quota attainment?

Watch this 20-minute on-demand webinar to uncover the top reasons sales reps miss their quotas and learn the five proven steps that lead to improved quota management.


Elena Cosbuc
Product Marketing Manager

Elena Cosbuc is an experienced marketing professional with 10+ years in the tech industry. At Optymyze, she focuses primarily on product conceptualization, working with the development team to develop end-to-end SPM solutions for happy customers. Also, she covers go-to-market initiatives, working closely with the sales and marketing team to create sales tools that build brand awareness in the market and attract new customers for the company.

Michael Giordano
Advocacy Director

Michael has over 15 years of experience building teams and transforming processes to produce highly effective sales, marketing and technical functions. He excels in leveraging industry best techniques and practices while implementing strategies to deliver continued growth and success.

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