Lunch Bites On Demand:

Overcoming the 6 Most Common Sales Organization Challenges

The lunch bites sessions are 15-minute presentations that will give you bite-size but rich insights into six current sales organizations challenges and how to deal with them in your everyday work. From territory management and accurate quota setting to using effective sales coaching, these sessions are covering all the best practices to turn six challenges into effective sales processes that are driving business growth.


Challenge One:

How Do I Manage Territory Updates to Increase Productivity?

Making updates to territories is a complex task that impacts your cost of sales and sales ops overall.

How do you handle these changes to increase sales productivity?

Our sales ops experts are revealing how you can manage territories to maximize sales results by:

  • automating incremental changes on an ongoing basis,
  • implementing clear parameters for reviewing changes,
  • moving prorated quotas and baseline sales,
  • establishing clear, timely communications.
Challenge Two:

How Do I Set Accurate Quotas to Improve Sales Results?

Sales territories & quotas are considered to be the main drivers of revenue. How do you create fair and equitable quotas that are driving sales performance?

Find out the best practices for setting accurate quotas, such as:

  • employing agile processes to facilitate obtaining new data on an ongoing basis,
  • allocating justly to ensure fair compensation and results,
  • assessing effectiveness continuously, and not just once a year.
Challenge Three:

How Do I Set Sales Rep Objectives that Align with Strategy?

Many organizations are still working at shifting their sales from tactical to strategic.

How does objective setting help you better align sales with strategy?

Our sales ops experts are explaining how to set strategic objectives for your sales force by:

  • defining and communicating a quality sale, in alignment with strategy,
  • modeling sales compensation,
  • proactively monitor for misalignment.
Challenge Four:

How Do I Engage My Sales Force to Drive Growth?

Sales force engagement is directly related to business performance. But how do you keep your workforce motivated in the long run to drive growth?

With a holistic people-oriented approach, Sales Performance Management could be the answer to your needs. Find out from our sales performance experts how to engage your team with:

  • incentive programs aligned with corporate strategy,
  • clear communications and access to performance related information,
  • innovative coaching tools and techniques.
Challenge Five:

How Do I Identify the Key Performance Indicators for My Sales Reps?

Key performance indicators are vital not only to sales performance but also to strategy alignment.

But how do you identify and reinforce the right KPIs for your sales reps?

Learn from our sales performance professionals how to choose the right indicators by:

  • communicating and ensuring the strategy is understood,
  • monitoring appraisal strategy to be aligned with business strategy,
  • automating the appraisal process.
Challenge Six:

How Do I Roll Out an Effective Sales Coaching Plan?

Sales coaching is one of the key drivers for sales force engagement and ultimately, business growth.

How do you leverage the innovation in coaching tools to roll out an effective plan for your reps?

Learn how to:

  • create a continuous learning environment,
  • provide ongoing coaching and feedback as a result of performance,
  • leverage “social enterprise”.

Our Speakers

Watch now the Optymyze experts sharing the lessons they learned in over two decades of helping companies from various industries maximize sales performance.

Ben Thoren
Senior Consultant
Jean Chang
Professional Services Director
Pete Bretz
Senior Consultant

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