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Telecom: Are you Ready for Sales Performance Management?

  • Align sales compensation with organizational goals.
  • Avoid compensation errors and delays that distract and demotivate the sales force.
  • Set fair and achievable sales quotas.
  • Give your sales force access to all compensation plan details, from payout status, to contest rankings, and more.
  • Include customer service agents in custom compensation plans, quotas, and objectives.
  • Accelerate time-to-productivity with effective onboarding.
  • Assign and manage territories that optimize sales productivity and revenue potential.
  • Eliminate administrative distractions so reps stay focused on high-value sales activities.
  • Help the sales force close more business with sales enablement
  • Compensate your sales reps and customer service efficiently to reduce churn.
  • Help reps improve sales performance with better insights into customer purchase trends.
  • Analyze customer and sales data to create more effective renewal pricing strategies.
  • Track customer service performance and address weaknesses with better coaching and training.

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