Retail and Consumer Goods

Solutions for Online and Traditional Retailers of Consumer Goods and Services

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  • Set accurate and fair quotas across associates, stores, and regions.
  • Size and structure sales territories to maximize their revenue potential.
  • Easily administer complex plans that include sales commissions, customer satisfaction bonuses, SPIFs, and other rewards.
  • Give managers and executives a single view of sales performance by product, store, team, channel, or region.
  • Design more effective sales strategies in response to shifting customer demands.
  • Accurately forecast product, location, and store profitability.
  • Provide strategic insight into revenue, margins, store, and overall performance.
  • Identify products with the highest gross margin and adapt compensation to boost sales accordingly.
  • Spot underperforming stores and regions for fast course-correction.
  • Analyze sales and client data effectively to determine the most profitable omni-channel sales strategy.
  • Adapt organizational structure and territories to optimize sales and revenue in different channels.
  • Customize promotions to increase sales in the most profitable channels.
  • Easily track commissions across channels and ensure accurate and timely payouts.
  • Leverage cash and non-cash incentives in the right combination to drive desired behavior.
  • Increase engagement and performance of frontline sales talent with contests and SPIFs.
  • Give payees on-demand access to their commission plan details, payouts, contest status, and more.
  • Provide coaching and sales enablement to help associates and managers achieve targets.

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