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Solutions for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device Manufacturers, and Biotech Companies

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  • Quickly realign compensation, territories, and quotas to support shifts in sales strategy.
  • Provide timely coaching and performance appraisals to help salespeople adjust to change.
  • Monitor trends and patterns to predict what comes next and prepare effectively.
  • Set accurate quotas and fairly incentivize salespeople.
  • Boost sales during product launches through contests, SPIFs, or special recognition programs.
  • Ensure strategic alignment of sales strategy and sales behaviors.
  • Use analytics to achieve shorter sales cycles and fewer dead-end deals.
  • Help sales prioritize activity based on timely analyses of customer and product sales.
  • Improve the accuracy of forecasting, modeling, and other data-driven processes.
  • Reduce sales administration to reclaim time for more strategic activities.
  • Combine many data sources for a complete picture of performance.
  • Properly align resources and processes to support sales goals.

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