Solutions for Health, Life and Property & Casualty Insurance

  • Easily implement complex commission plans that even allow for biweekly payments for your top-performing organizations.
  • Rely on robust data to design more creative incentive compensation plans while still meeting budget requirements.
  • Increase quick hits in targeted territories or on specific product lines through easy-to-deploy gamification.
  • Provide real-time production information from your agency portal.
  • Automate time-consuming and costly administrative tasks, such as making agency appointments, obtaining and renewing licenses, updating contracts, and managing and tracking compliance documents.
  • Gain the transparency that ensures accurate, timely commission payments and helps you easily track any disputes that may arise.
  • Effortlessly manage hierarchies, changing them as often as needed, without the need for IT involvement.
  • Import, merge, and clean data from multiple legacy systems; then, store it in one integrated data repository and retrieve it in near-real-time for robust sales analyses.
  • Use historical data to forecast performance and model scenarios to maximize incentive compensation for the right distribution partners.
  • Use drag-and-drop functionality to customize reports without IT resources.
  • Use powerful analytics to understand the impact of channel, product, and marketing behaviors.
  • Increase visibility into sales performance with timely and comprehensive reports.
  • Improve sales forecasting across sales channels and territories.

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