Business Services

Solutions for Providers of Staffing, Shipping, Data Processing, Equipment Rental, Repair, and Maintenance Services

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  • Use powerful analytics to understand the impact of customer, product, and marketing behaviors.
  • Provide better decision support for leadership with meaningful and timely insights.
  • Equip your sales force with accurate and insight-rich analyses.
  • Align compensation plans with sales strategy and drive desired sales behaviors.
  • Apply proven performance criteria across recruiting, onboarding, and training processes.
  • Reward performance accurately and fairly to retain top talent.
  • Increase visibility into sales performance with timely and comprehensive reports.
  • Improve sales forecasting across sales channels and territories.
  • Bring together all data necessary for real-world sales planning.
  • Improve your competitive position with more dynamic alignment of sales compensation.
  • Closely manage sales talent and recruiting processes to ensure adequate coverage.
  • Model different market scenarios, including worst and best case, to be better prepared.

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