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Get Guide: Improving Sales Performance

  • Promptly adjust complex sales compensation plans to fulfill new requests from supervisors.
  • Implement maker-checker mechanisms to strengthen compliance and ensure compensation accuracy.
  • Continuously prepare sales reps to adjust to new requirements via coaching and appraisals.
  • Structure sales territories and channels to maximize customer engagement.
  • Leverage compensation to motivate reps to increase business in existing accounts.
  • Analyze sales data to better understand customer needs and offer the right product bundles.
  • Track upsell and cross-sell transactions accurately and reflect referrals in compensation payouts.
  • Comply quickly and easily with reporting requirements.
  • Ensure audit success with complete and accurate set of sales data.
  • Quickly resolve discrepancies based on detailed tracking of compensation changes and payments.
  • Give internal auditors access to data and visibility to compensation history.
  • Design competitive compensation packages that also meet budget requirements.
  • Optimize the combination of cash and non-cash incentives to motivate sales reps.
  • Set accurate, fair, and attainable sales quotas.
  • Help reps achieve targets with coaching and sales enablement

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