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Optymyze transforms data into excellence in sales performance. By seamlessly combining the power of data with the capabilities of the apps in our sales compensation and sales operations packages, we transform our customers’ sales performance outcomes.

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Use Data Science to Power Sales Performance

At the core of remarkable sales performance is data science: the creation and maintenance of good, clean data. But even the most highly functioning data science process isn’t enough to transform sales outcomes. For that, you need powerful enabling technology.

Optymyze provides you with both the expertise and the cutting-edge technologies to enable an advanced data science process that offers fast access to critical data from up to hundreds of sources. And makes using that data easy. This process, combined with artificial intelligence, forms the foundation of our solution, enabling you to continually identify, understand, and analyze the key drivers and predictors of sales performance. Learn more

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Optymyze Sales Performance™ provides…

An integrated data repository that’s linked to all Optymyze Apps.

Within one centralized work area, store, maintain, and immediately access all your sales performance information as well as a wide variety and high volume of data from each of your sources.

Embedded extract, transform and load (ETL) and data automation functionality.

The rich capabilities of our ETL tool allow you to import, transform, and clean data from across your enterprise—and then format and normalize it to optimize the performance of your database. Automatically stored in our repository, this data can be pulled in any volume and any variety. Reached your outer limits for manually formatting, checking, fixing, and realigning text within tables? Our data automation capability allows you to schedule and automatically execute any data-related task, at any time, from now to…yes, infinity. Taken as a whole, our ETL functionality enables the streamlining of all sources. And cost-effectively ensures a single source of truth for sales performance.

Advanced in-memory capabilities.

If you enjoy staring at the screen hour after hour in the hopes that you’ll access the data you’re seeking before sunrise, and get a thrill out of unpredictable performance, database systems that operate on disk drives may be for you. But if you need to run advanced analytics in the time it takes your client to ride the elevator to your floor, we’ve got you covered. Our advanced in-memory computing capabilities enable you to store, retrieve and analyze large, complex data sets in near-real time, so you can look like a sales ops superhero. Give your executives and managers the tools they need, and together you’ll come out looking like … what is a group of superheroes?

Improve Time to Value with Process Automation

Having helped diverse organizations in many industries run processes smoothly and at top speed, we know that every business has a unique structure and different needs. To understand yours, our experts review your core sales operations processes, from sales comp to sales quota management, and help you optimize those processes according to best practices. Whatever you require – set up, distribution, territory restructuring – we take your best interests to heart. And we don’t quit until those processes work flawlessly…not in our eyes, but in yours. At this point, we help you automate all your processes, tailoring our solution to your specific industry and organization. If you’d be best served by an original process, our inbuilt, user-friendly platform as a service (PAAS) is ready. You bring the vision. In just days or weeks, create and automate most any process you require to accomplish the results you’re striving for. Learn more

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You get…

A complete set of highly configurable, out-of-the-box apps.

Designed for your business, they can also be easily tailored to meet your individual core sales operations processes and drive better business outcomes.

An extensible, easy-to-use PaaS.

Expediently design, build, and streamline apps to increase your agility and fill your company’s unique sales ops needs. Best of all, no coding background is required. 2nd best of all? Any processes you create and automate are immediately integrated into the larger Optymyze Sales Performance Solution. Think of these integrated apps like silent collaborators. Need a SPIF app to automate the addition of pre-set incentives to certain reps’ commission checks? You got it. That SPIF app will communicate seamlessly with the larger sales comp process. Done.

Over 500 existing apps, all available in our app gallery.

Improve time to value by taking advantage of processes we’ve already automated.

Plan More Effectively

Ensure that your company cost-effectively and correctly deploys its resources with Optymyze’s fully embedded planning component. From quota to territories, from budgets to compensation to workforce, plan it all—in one system. Learn more

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Enable a seamless transition between the planning and execution of any sales ops process on the Optymyze platform.

Since all data for current and past operations is stored in the data repository, you get fast, convenient access to historical data that may well inform every aspect of your current planning processes.

Easily, securely collaborate across departments to create more accurate business plans.

In modern companies, the data needed to create business plans is stored among many departments and people. Optymyze allows you to safely and securely collect, review, and share this data, across the enterprise, to build a complete plan. Confidentiality is never compromised. In addition, co-workers can securely edit models and scenarios, conduct real-time discussions, and come to unanimous decisions about the best path forward for the business – leading to increased productivity.

Ground executive business decisions in analysis.

Optymyze in-memory computing enables hypothetical scenarios to be displayed almost as quickly as you query them. Change any given variable, and those scenarios immediately renew. Speed is the operative word here: all the data you gather during collaborative planning sessions is right at your fingertips. Combined with other analytical and modeling tools, the enterprise planning capability enables managers and senior executives to engage in deeply informed discussions about sales plans, yielding sound decisions based on company objectives.

Gain Insights about People and Data with Advanced Analytics

Revolutionizing sales performance starts with giving salespeople and leaders alike data-driven insights into performance. That’s why Optymyze Sales Performance includes a complete, embedded analytics solution that provides descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Learn more

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Leave your competition behind.

The predictive analytics that Optymyze provides enables managers and executives to model and predict what will happen given different scenarios for all parts of sales. Armed with insights about past outcomes, you’ll be able to envision what’s likely to happen in the future. And with that knowledge, you can focus your attention on what matters most…

…at the most essential moment.

The rich set of analytics embedded within every automated sales ops process can be delivered where, when and how they’ll have the greatest impact. With a wide variety of visualizations for managers and executives to choose from, along with dashboard reports designed for reps’ mobile devices, insights come easy.

Manage sales performance more effectively and make better-informed choices with advanced artificial intelligence.

Optymyze employs machine-learning algorithms against sales data. Your managers and reps can therefore seize upon the opportunities most likely to close, or strategize their next best action in any situation based on their knowledge of how things played out in the past. In this way, Optymyze Sales Performance is revolutionizing sales performance.

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