Optymyze Recognized for #1 Customer Experience and #1 Product in New 2019 Sales Performance Management (SPM) Analyst Reports

Enterprise sales operations management platform ranked #1 in all four SPM use cases and had perfect scores in the critical capabilities of audit and sales data management.

LONDON (February 19, 2019) – Optymyze, continuing its success in revolutionizing sales operations, today announced that, once again, it was positioned as the highest-ranking vendor in the annual SPM critical capabilities report and placed in the Leaders Quadrant in the annual SPM analyst report.

With its industry-leading, no-code data management and application development platforms, Optymyze is clearly positioned as having the #1 set of SPM products—including enterprise cloud applications for managing sales incentive compensation, sales quotas, sales territories, and sales objectives.

Driven by its market-leading, innovative approach to providing cloud services, setup services, and ongoing operational services for a single annual subscription fee, Optymyze also received the highest rating of all SPM vendors for customer experience and support—a significant advantage over other vendors that charge large up-front implementation service fees.

Known for its laser focus on innovation to solve business problems, Optymyze achieved perfect scores and beat all SPM competitors in ease of configuring complex data extract, transformation load (ETL), and other data processing applications and the speed of setup and deployment of end-user applications—all without the need for IT support. Top scores were achieved in data cleansing and management, audit, customer experience and support, system integration, collaboration, and mobile applications.

“SPM apps have been around for a while and are commodity products. We pretty much give them away for free at this point,” said Mark Stiffler, Optymyze Chairman. “The real value we provide is in very rapidly tackling the most complex sales operations management challenges, including back-office data processing, integration, transformation, and validation solutions, as well as field-facing analytics, workflow, and other applications for daily use by salespeople—all without writing one line of code.”

Optymyze customers are actively building no-code data repositories with over 100,000 data tables and more than 100 billion records; processing over one petabyte of data (one million GB) each month using no-code data transformations; and creating over 10,000 no-code applications for use by over 500,000 salespeople and other users across the organization.

Optymyze goes beyond traditional SPM technologies (compensation, territory management and quota management) to deliver advanced data management and application development capabilities that do not require IT support and put the power of data management and end-user application development into the hands of sales operations staff, sales leadership, and salespeople.

“Optymyze has moved so far beyond SPM that we don’t even consider the other so-called Leaders to be competitors,” continued Stiffler. “Optymyze has created a new market for sales operations management rooted in our no-code data and end-user app development platforms. For companies looking for an SPM solution, they are very likely shopping for the wrong thing and missing out on the bigger impact that can be had on sales force productivity and sales effectiveness.”

No-code data management and application development capabilities are fast becoming the key ingredients for success in sales operations management. The ease at which non-technical users of Optymyze are building massive, enterprise systems—all without writing any code—is unprecedented in the SPM space.

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About Optymyze
Optymyze transforms sales operations into a strategic competitive advantage—from improving individual business processes to building centers of excellence for sales operations management. Optymyze enables sales improvements with a set of integrated, no-code, highly-scalable cloud platforms to easily and quickly adapt to change—including platforms for sales performance management (including sales compensation, quotas territories, and objectives), data repository and ETL management, application development, enterprise planning, and reporting and analytics. With enabling cloud platforms and hundreds of sales operations and business process management experts, Optymyze has built a solid track-record of client success. Follow Optymyze at: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

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