Optymyze Partner Program

In today’s fast-changing world where the buying process has fundamentally changed and the marketing and sales operations functions have become more critical, it’s time for companies to take a big step forward beyond their investments in customer relationship management, sales force automation, and business intelligence.

To improve sales and channel performance, the next level of investment is Sales Performance Management (SPM). SPM is about executing sales and channel strategies; driving desired selling behaviors; enabling people to produce better results; and analyzing and improving performance with insightful business intelligence.

SPM is not just the next big investment that companies need to make. It’s the next big opportunity for systems integrators that design, implement, and support SPM solutions; software product vendors that add or embed SPM technology; cloud service distributors that sell SPM applications; and outsourcing and other service firms that create and deliver technology-enabled SPM services for making sales organizations more effective.

Optymyze Recognition

Gartner Sales Performance Management Magic Quadrant ReportIn 2015, Optymyze was positioned in the Visionaries quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management, earning the furthest and highest designation for vision and execution respectively.
Celent Insurance Distribution Management Software ReportThe software received high scores in the categories of business rules,
workflow, and usability, analytics, and document management in the 2012 market assessment of North
American insurance distribution management systems.
Ventana Research Value IndexThe software continually earns excellent scores in aspects such as manageability, capability, usability, reliability, adaptability, and TCO/ROI, which helped designate Optymyze business partner Synygy a ‘Hot Vendor’ in consecutive SPM Value Indexes.

Optymyze SPM Customers

The latest major innovation in a two-decades long journey by Optymyze CEO Mark Stiffler, Optymyze Sales Performance Management, Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform and Optymyze Sales Application Studio are already in use in over 50 countries and across many industries, including insurance, banking, and financial services; telecommunications and information technology; life sciences and health care; manufacturing and distribution; retail and consumer goods; and business services.

Most customers have 1,000 to 100,000 or more salespeople, agents, brokers, channel partners, or others receiving variable pay; however, Optymyze Sales Performance applications support organizations with as few as 100 people on incentive compensation plans.

Partnering with Optymyze

Partnering with Optymyze creates opportunities to promote, build, package, and deliver the benefits of SPM solutions directly to customers.

The preferred partnership model is to allow technology providers, systems integrators, outsourcing service providers, professional services firms, and others to leverage the Optymyze technology to create unique and differentiated offerings that can be marketed, sold, implemented, and serviced autonomously.

This model enables partners to own and deploy the power of Optymyze technology in a way that best suits their business. With a focus on quality over quantity of partners, this high level of flexibility helps partners to get started quickly, grow rapidly, and deliver a significant return on investment for themselves and their customers within a short period of time.

Partner Value Proposition

Optymyze offers partners an opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for incentive compensation and sales performance management software and services. In addition, partners can extend their core value proposition to their customers and improve competitive positioning and market differentiation.

With Optymyze, partners have an opportunity to align themselves with a recognized SPM market leader with a collaborative, partner-centric sales channel model and a proven, flexible, scalable and in-demand technology.

Global Partner Program Structure and Benefits

Using a simple framework to start, we work with each partner to jointly develop the partnership structure and agreement that allow both the partner and Optymyze to achieve desired business goals. Optymyze is committed to ensuring that partners are well prepared to deliver SPM benefits to their customers. Partners receive the tools, training, information, and support needed to successfully launch a new offering, drive market awareness, deliver exceptional value, and grow revenue.

To stay abreast of product and market trend updates, partners access the Optymyze Community Network, an online hub for creating interaction between Optymyze, partners, and customers. This online hub also provides sales support, technical support, social support, training sessions, user guides, and resource guides.

Revenue and Differentiation

The value to partners includes:

Accelerated Revenue Growth

  • Take advantage of high-growth SPM market
  • Upsell SPM solutions to existing customers
  • Create new servicesaround system change management, process management, continuous improvement, and compliance

Differentiate Versus Competitors

  • Build unique, proprietary applications (and price as value-add subscription)
  • Offer integrated CRM and SPM solutions