Rapidly Setup and Deploy Sales Cloud Applications

Optymyze enables companies to rapidly deploy sales cloud applications with a customer success program and cloud application deployment.

Customer Success

For companies with in-house capabilities and resources, Optymyze offers a customer success program that includes assistance with application setup support, operational support, and technical support.

Application Setup Support

We quickly configure, develop, test and deploy Optymyze cloud applications to drastically increase the productivity of your sales force.

Operational Support

We offer a choice of varying levels of ongoing engagement that range from application setup and change management support through the design and management of sales operations centers of excellence.

Technical Support

Provide technical support services through online help tools and dedicated support teams, which enable fast issue resolution and process consistency.

Cloud Performance

Behind the scenes, Optymyze is continuously innovating both its cloud platforms and the process of continuously deploying upgrades and updates, monitoring and optimizing application and infrastructure performance, and ensuring security and compliance.

Upgrades and Updates

Develop and manage new cloud services releases to deliver continuous innovation and improvements in sales operations.

Application and Infrastructure Performance

Monitor and test IT infrastructure systems to secure an error-free cloud services availability and performance.

Security and Compliance

Keep data private and secure at all levels with dedicated servers, network segmentation and firewalls, IDS, and antivirus protection – among others.

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