Winner of Ventana Leadership Award for Sales Excellence Shares Secrets to Their Success

Kowa Pharmaceuticals won the 2015 Ventana Research Leadership Award for Sales Excellence. This prestigious award is a recognition of Kowa’s efforts to build a scalable and best-in-class sales operations model. The ongoing intimate partnership between Kowa and Optymyze contributed to this success and we are proud to continue to enable Kowa’s sales force to connect patients with their important cardiovascular products. Outcomes of our collaboration include better aligned sales strategy and behaviors, improved quota attainment by 14%, and decreased time to value by 80%.

I am excited to announce that we will host a webinar with Brad Hardy, VP Sales of Kowa on May 5th. Join us to learn some of the secrets behind Kowa’s award-winning improvement in sales performance.

Sales Excellence

Prior to working with Optymyze, Kowa struggled with inefficient compensation plans, gaps in communication with the sales force, inflexible systems, limited visibility into performance, and weak analytics and reporting capabilities. As a small pharma company competing in one of the largest therapeutic classes, these challenges limited their ability to capitalize on the opportunity their products presented.

Optymyze’s Sales Operations as a Service (SOaaS) approach solved Kowa’s challenges, turning a weakness into a strength and enabling them to achieve their business goals. Backed by years of experience in the pharma industry, Optymyze experts helped Kowa immediately take the first steps towards designing motivating plans and quotas, automating processes and reporting, and improving sales performance. Thanks to the agile methodology we used, Kowa was able to see results in a matter of weeks. Kowa and Optymyze continue to have an ongoing partnership, which has led to innovation in rewards and recognition, managed care visibility, call plan optimization, and other areas.

The business impact of this partnership has been transformational to the organization. Every sales operations process is now closely aligned to brand strategy. Improved compensation accuracy and communication have resulted in increased sales force confidence and motivation. Kowa has seen an improvement in sales performance across the board, part of the reason Ventana chose them for the Sales Excellence award, rather than the other highly qualified nominees.

Join our live webinar on May 5th to find out more about Kowa’s journey to sales excellence. Brad and I will share best practices, lessons learned, and unique insights into how to maximize sales operations efficiency in the pharma industry. Register now.  

Erich Sachse

Vice President, Professional Services

Erich has 14 years of experience leading engagements to assess and transform sales and channel performance for over 80 clients.

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