Why Omni-Channel Is Not Just a Buzzword

The business world is filled with buzzwords like best in class, synergy, thought leader, etc. One that doesn’t get enough attention, though, is omni-channel. Some consider it synonymous with multi-channel, but it’s much more than that. In fact, it’s becoming an increasingly relevant concept across industries. And yet, most businesses still don’t offer what it stands for: a unified brand experience across channels.Why Omni-Channel Is More than a Buzzword

Standalone channel processes haven’t reached the end of the line quite yet, but they no longer carry the weight – or attract the customers – they used to. Consequently, sales ops organizations must rely on the key tenets of an omni-channel approach: channel integration and optimization.

Omni-channel is largely based on aggregating key pieces of data – customer behavior, context, product information, and content – with the intent to create a relevant experience for the customer across every touchpoint. Industries like retail, telecom, and finance have seen tremendous impacts in terms of buyer behavior as a result of embracing this philosophy.

When the same sets of parameters and transparent touchpoints are defined for all channels, the result is seamless operations across sourcing, fulfillment, and marketing efforts – and by extension, a consistent customer experience. There’s a ripple effect to it: through implementing the required technological support and interdependent systems, businesses become equipped to transform their incentive structure strategically, thus motivating and growing sales.

With more efficient and effective use of data, necessary territory changes, fewer compensation disputes, improved sales ops processes, and better customer engagement and alignment, your business can reach its true potential. Don’t be afraid to up the ante; there’s a lot to be gained.

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