Top Sales Effectiveness Experts to Follow

Understanding business challenges and demonstrating knowledge in the sales process are the top sales competencies as reported by best-in-class sales organizations, according to Aberdeen Group research*. To stay informed and learn continuously should be a goal for all sales professionals – and for everyone, for that matter.

Who better to guide us than those who have a proven track-record of success? 

sales effectiveness

The sales performance market has increased significantly over the past decades. Advances in technology, as well as access to know-how and analytics, have made it possible for sales practitioners to up their game considerably. While there are many worth following from this new wave of sales effectiveness experts, a few stand out as exceptional.

We created an infographic to recognize the contribution of twelve sales thought-leaders that stand out. They have outstanding career achievements and are highly respected by their peers. We advise you to turn to them for top quality information, advice, and insights.

Check out the infographic: 12 Sales Effectiveness Experts to Follow if You’re in Sales Operations

There are, of course, other remarkable sales effectiveness professionals out there. Who influences you? Tweet us @Optymyze and let us know!

*Aberdeen Group, Sales Effectiveness 2015: How in the World Are We Going to Hit Our Number?

Leslie Stefanik

Vice President, Digital Marketing

Leslie is a B2B marketing executive focused on tying strategic marketing initiatives to corporate objectives through branding, revenue marketing, and media and analyst relations.



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