The Four Pillars of an Efficient Sales Operations Function

After decades of working behind the scenes, sales operations has cultivated the skills, experience, and expertise to become a strategic partner in the organization. Company leaders already rely heavily on the function to develop and manage initiatives for every sales role, and many recognize sales ops’ potential to powerfully drive revenue. However, sales ops must overcome a major hurdle before truly taking center stage. Despite the many advancements the function has made, it’s still caught in the trap of trying to balance tactical and strategic responsibilities. In fact, organizational evaluations consistently reveal weaknesses in terms of sales ops’ overall efficiency. 

To help your organization escape this trap and achieve more focused and efficient sales operations, I invite you to join us for Optymyze’s next thought-leading webinar series, Are Your Sales Ops Healthy? 4 Issues to Cross Off Your Checklist.

A healthy and efficient sales operations function fulfills its many responsibilities, which include platform and systems procurement and management; data management; analytics; and process implementation, at a consistently high level. But the sales ops teams that make the most substantial impact on their companies’ success are those that rise above the tactical issues inherent to daily tasks, and instead assume a proactive role in designing and executing long-term plans and strategies to drive sales results.

Still, nobody wants sales ops to abandon its crucial tactical role altogether. The challenge is to strike the right balance between the everyday and the visionary, and guard against getting bogged down by the former. This is no easier for sales ops than it is for any other entity, individual or collective. In a recent study conducted by the Sales Management Association, only 46% of firms agree that their sales ops staff focus appropriately on strategic goals. Seventy-three percent, on the other hand, find sales ops’ tactical focus to be right on target.

How can sales organizations help their sales operations departments achieve a healthy equilibrium between its compounded responsibilities? Join our live webinars, starting on Apr 19, and find out.

Our sales ops experts will serve as sales doctors, equipping you with the necessary information to recognize, diagnose, and treat ailments related to data, analytics, technology, and processes. With the health of these “4 pillars” firmly established, your team will be able to move full force, and full steam, ahead.


Apr 19, Analytics: Driving Accurate Sales Forecasts (Pete Bretz)

May 3, Data: Taming the Beast of Bad Data in Sales (Jean Chang)

May 17, Tools: Driving Sales Ops Efficiency Through Unified Technology (Stephan Millard)

May 31, Processes: Reassessing Your Sales Ops Capabilities (Adam Polaszewski)

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Michael Giordano

Director, Advocacy and Communications

Michael has over 15 years of experience building teams and transforming processes to produce highly-effective sales, marketing and technical functions. He excels in leveraging industry-best process and technology practices while implementing strategies to deliver continued growth and success. Follow him on Twitter @Optymike and @Optymyze.

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