Telecom Sales Operations: 8 Questions To Confirm You Need an SPM Solution

Telecom sales operations are complex and the sales ecosystem is sprawling. The industry will continue to grow and evolve at breakneck speed despite heavy regulation, high customer churn, and emerging threats from non-traditional digital competitors. If you answer YES to one or more of these eight questions, you can truly benefit from a sales performance management solution.

telecom sales operations1. Are you worried about new regulations impacting sales and sales operations?

38% of operators view net neutrality as the top regulatory issue impacting the sector in the next two-three years.

2. Are you losing sales and revenue to digital players and other competitors?

You’re not alone! Most telecom leaders see disruptive competition as the main industry challenge, according to E&Y research.

3. Does your struggle to integrate data from multiple channels impact sales operations and performance?

Research shows the ability to integrate all data sources into an omni-channel platform is the no.1 priority for telecom providers.

4. Do you lack a formal quality control process for your data?

Research shows data cleansing and processing are a complex endeavor in telecom. Carriers must combine diverse sources of data, which is often of questionable quality.

5. Do manual processes – such as adjusting data – limit your bandwidth to act strategically?

Telecom sales operations are complex due to the amount of locations, plan participants, and high volume of data. Automation helps accomplish accurate, timely results and reporting with minimal overhead. This allows the sales ops team to be in a proactive and strategic mindset, rather than in a reactionary, fire-fighting state.

6. Do you make an excessive number of post-pay adjustments such as chargebacks and retroactive calculations?

Telecom sales operations teams have a considerable load of data processing to determine which transactions are commissionable. Homegrown solutions aren’t agile enough to reliably handle a high volume of last-minute adjustments.

7. Is your sales ops team buried under a backlog of sales commission disputes?

A complex sales environment and inefficient systems lead to many commission disputes. These place a huge administrative burden on sales operations to resolve them.

8. Do you lack clear insights into customer behavior across all territories and channels?

Those who leverage customer data the most will stay ahead of the game. 68% of operators view customer experience management as a strategic priority over the next three years.

Check our newest telecom infographic to learn more about the telecom challenges and how sales organizations are trying to overcome them.


Ben Thoren

Director of Strategic Engagement

Ben has 8 years of experience in partnering with clients to improve operational efficiency and sales effectiveness via sales operations process transformation.

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