Symptoms of Process Inconsistency in Sales Compensation [Infographic]

In sales compensation management, lack of synergy is a plague that prevents streamlining independent processes. Process inconsistency makes itself felt through a number of key indicators, or symptoms, that many of our clients reported when they first approached us.

Symptoms of Process Inconsistency in Sales Compensation

Among those warning signs, we counted some outstanding examples, such as:

  • Documents and calculations are chronically late
  • Frequent adjustments and corrections lead to inaccurate payment results
  • No process documentation and no discipline towards an established process
  • Frequent exceptions to commission plan rules
  • Long hours wasted resolving issues (i.e. disputes) and manually maintaining comp plans
  • Lack of time to model plans, analyze results and generate reports relating to performance

Hidden costs

Process inconsistency isn’t only detrimental to sales compensation. What this “cancer” also does is generate additional (often hidden) costs in every direction, impacting revenue and your bottom line implicitly. The good news is that, today, we have experts trained to correct this disparity and the technology to match. Using tools and processes that are designed for one another enables you to keep your sales force aligned with company goals.

Best-in-class companies employ expert advice and tools designed specifically to manage incentive compensation plans and all forms of variable pay in the most effective way to drive results. Today’s sales leaders will be smart to automate and manage all critical sales performance processes, including quota setting, territory management, sales coaching, and more.

People, system, workflow

With Optymyze Sales Performance, we cut work hours wasted by staff handling comp plans manually, provide a consistent commission calculation process, eliminate inaccuracies and delays in payment results, and lay down a clear roadmap to instill discipline towards processes.

For sales reps, sales operations and decision makers alike, this means fewer compensation errors, less time wasted on resolving compensation disputes, a considerable reduction in administrative tasks, faster payroll processing, fewer IT costs, more job satisfaction and (implicitly) less turnover.

Correcting process inconsistency is not only within reach thanks to the expertise and technology available today, it also constitutes an important exercise that helps align goals and objectives with pinpoint accuracy, paving the way for a consistent set of practices and results in the long run.

Download the full infographic Diagnosing Sales Compensation Problems – 6 Symptoms of Process Inconsistency for a top-down view of the root causes of poor sales performance, and the best ways to address them.

Georgiana Mircea

Senior Consultant

Georgiana has been helping global organizations improve sales performance and operations for over 7 years. Keen to tackle change, she’s an enthusiast consultant that became the primary project liaison for clients across multiple industries.

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