Are Your Sales Operations Positioned to Drive Strategic Change?

Sales operations should serve as strategic change agents in sales organizations. However, sales operations are often stuck with tactical responsibilities like reporting, territory alignment or compensation administration. While these are important functions to support, organizations that leverage the strategic potential of sales operations are better equipped to align sales force behavior with strategy.  

Register now for the live webinar Enhancing Sales Operations’ Role as the Sales Force’s Change Agent.

strategic change

The role of sales operation has been changing throughout the years, and it varies across organizations (see figure below). Sales operations have moved from the sidelines to the center-stage of sales strategy planning and execution. While this move seems natural given the unique and vital position that this function has, most companies find it challenging to balance strategic and tactical demands on sales operations.

strategic change

How can sales organizations empower sales operations to be an agent of change, while also allowing them to manage the sales force effectively? We’re addressing this question during a live webinar next week! Join some of the best sales ops experts in the market to find out how to transform sales operations from tactical support into a strategic function.

Specific topics we will cover during the live presentation include:

  • Balancing strategic and tactical demands on sales operations
  • Sales operations staffing approaches
  • Structuring sales operations for maximum agility
  • Planning processes that help optimize sales ops’ effectiveness.

This webinar is organized by The Sales Management Association in partnership with Optymyze and will take place May 26, at 2 pm ET.

Register now for Enhancing Sales Operations’ Role as the Sales Force’s Change Agent and learn how high-performing firms organize sales ops to support effective change in the sales force.

Looking forward to having you there! Get your questions ready and tweet @Optymyze using #SalesOpsTips to join the conversation.

Geoff Prior

Vice President Solutions

Geoff has more than 20 years of experience developing, selling and delivering software solutions within the Communications, Financial Services, and Utilities sectors. At Optymyze, he leads the development of Solutions targeted at solving industry challenges within the Sales Performance Management Space.

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