How Does Sales Operations Balance Strategic and Tactical Responsibilities? Take the SMA Survey to Find Out

Sales operations functions have been gaining an increasingly strategic position in organizations. While sales ops still handles operational, day-to-day tasks, it serves a crucial role in strategy formulation, compensation plan design and implementation, and sales performance evaluation and improvement, among other activities. With so many responsibilities, how can sales operations strike the right balance between strategic and tactical requirements?

The Sales Management Association (SMA) is conducting research to identify emerging practices in sales ops that address this central challenge. Take the survey now and get a copy of the findings report (a $349 value) as well as an invitation to a Sales Management Association webcast during which they will present the results.

sales operations survey

SMA is a leading global, cross-industry association serving sales leadership and sales operations by providing useful insights for sales management and sales operations professionals. Refocusing Sales Operations is their most recent research aimed at helping sales leadership better understand sales ops functions and identify strategies for improving sales efficiency.

Focus areas for this research include:

  • Identifying how sales operations drive efficiency in core responsibilities like reporting
  • Measure the ideal and actual focus on strategic issues by sales operations departments
  • Cataloging emerging and innovative practices contributing to sales operations’ success in balancing tactical and strategic responsibilities
  • Sales operations staffing approaches
  • Structuring sales operations for maximum agility
  • Planning process that help optimize sales operations effectiveness

sales operations surveyIf you have a management role in a firm with 20 or more salespeople and are involved in planning, sales effectiveness, executive sales leadership, or strategy in their organization, you are eligible to participate in this study.

Take the survey here: Refocusing Sales Operations.

For more sales operations insights, check out the webinar organized by The Sales Management Association in partnership with Optymyze: Enhancing Sales Operations’ Role as the Sales Force’s Change Agent.

Leslie Stefanik

Vice President, Digital Marketing

Leslie is a B2B marketing executive focused on tying strategic marketing initiatives to corporate objectives through branding, revenue marketing, and media and analyst relations.

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