Sales Operations as a Service Disrupting the SPM Industry

Sales operations is getting an increasingly strategic role as organizations learn that sales rep motivation, compensation, and alignment between behaviors and strategy are paramount to achieving corporate goals.

Sales Operations as a Service

For sales operations to deliver the desired business outcomes while keeping up with immediate operational needs, organizations need the right tools. The traditional approach to solving sales operations challenges has been Sales Performance Management software. But is software enough to achieve sales performance excellence?

Optymyze offers companies Sales Operations as a Service, a unique combination of software and business process management that takes on planning, automation, operations, collaboration, and analysis of every aspect of sales operations. This innovative model frees companies from the administrative burden of sales operations and sets the foundation for continuous improvement. According to recent surveys, clients who use the Sales Operations as a Service approach report deeper and more sustained sales performance improvement in all measured categories than those who use SPM software alone. Results include 15% better process reliability and 13% more cost savings.

We are happy that the market is recognizing the value of Sales Operations as a Service. To see an analyst’s perspective on Optymyze’s approach to improving sales performance, read this insightful point of view from HfS Research Director, Melissa O’Brien: Ahead of Its Time: Optymyze’s Sales-Operations-as-a-Service Model.

Thomas Urie

President of Optymyze

Tom is a high-tech executive with extensive leadership experience and success in strategic and tactical operations, marketing, product management and data analytics.

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