Sales Leaders, SPM Lets You Use Your Tablet Like a Head Coach

It’s a well-known sales metaphor: You’re the head coach. Your reps are the players. And blasting past your team quota is like winning the Super Bowl. When it happens, everyone in the organization is thrilled – you, your team, executive staff and ownership.

Zoom in on the metaphor, and you’ll find some literal advice about how to succeed like the best NFL coaches. You should be using the same tool – your tablet. Along with the help of an SPM (Sales Performance Management) partner, you can improve business processes and turn scattered sales data into a valuable blueprint for success. One that will allow you to unlock your potential as a leader and coach to your team.

Super Bowl

New processes, approaches, and technology advancements are continuing to be adopted throughout all of sports. We’ve seen Microsoft Surface become indispensable on NFL sidelines; Major League Baseball’s got the Apple iPad, which is soon to be put into use by the National Hockey League, as well.

While it’s no secret that tablets have been prevalent in sales for years, what’s key to use in sports are the partnerships that teams have with their providers, Microsoft and Apple. It’s these partnerships that empower coaches to realize and act upon the insights technology makes possible. Collaboration with the developer enables leaders and team members to better incorporate the enhanced level of data provided, and, moreover, to transform their processes: from dissecting plays, to scouting, to player development and gameday approach.

With this demonstrated impact in mind, it’s time for sales managers to take the same approach—working with an SPM partner to declutter processes, and using technology to deliver real-time, data-driven insights. Out of this combo, timely, impactful decisions can be made.

As we draw the general similarities out, let’s take a closer look at how a sales solution that’s both service and technology-oriented unfolds. Your existing database or CRM (client relationship management) serves as your playbook. It contains all the vital information your team can use – the plays, details on your opponent (or clients in this example), and other relevant information. An SPM partner then implements process best practices, provides industry-specific advice, and equips you with sophisticated tools that produce the dynamic data, analytics, trending and real-time insights that help you be as successful as possible. Like the coaches on the sidelines, you have access to all essential information while the game (sale) is happening, so you can adjust and course-correct with precision. This up-to-the moment rundown also allows your sales operations team to produce reporting and incentive compensation payouts with a much higher degree of accuracy.

For example, imagine you’re a pharma territory manager nearing the end of quarter, and you want to strategize with your reps. You pull out your SPM tool to display a heat-map view that enables you to visualize contact details, order history and/or the physician offices that are not just convenient to visit in the waning days of the quarter but are most likely to benefit from an office visit at that time. As your reps put this information to use, they can tailor their pitch with the real-time data accessed moments before, in pre-visit planning. This kind of predictive, next-level, in-the-moment insight is sure to pay big dividends.

Web 3.0 is ushering in a new life. So much data is available to us. Whether you’re managing your retirement portfolio, booking a vacation, or running a fantasy football team, you’ve got to put the data to use to perform like an A-player.

In the sales world, where every second and every choice counts, tablets are an essential tool for you and your team. But they alone will not ensure success. You need the right SPM partner to improve processes and to expand the capabilities of your devices. It’s the combination of effective analytics and actionable insights that will bring the big trophy home for you and your team.

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Michael Giordano

Director, Advocacy and Communications

Michael has over 15 years of experience building teams and transforming processes to produce highly-effective sales, marketing and technical functions. He excels in leveraging industry-best process and technology practices while implementing strategies to deliver continued growth and success. Follow him on Twitter @Optymike and @Optymyze.

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