Sales Enablement Keeps Your Top Sales Reps Happy

Sales enablement is a key ingredient in the success of a sales organization. It also plays a major role in motivating and retaining your top sales reps – one of the toughest challenges you may face after getting them onboard.

As sales forces expand and companies strive to improve their performance, the competition to hire and retain top sales talent will become fierce in 2016. The toughest challenge for sales organizations, though, is not to attract good reps, but to motivate them to stick with the company and drive revenue for longer.

Naturally, the ability to keep your sales reps happy – especially the top ones – can improve performance for the entire organization. SiriusDecisions shows more than half of high-performing companies report average rep tenure of four to seven years, while half of low-performers keep them on board for only two or three years. sales enablement

Hiring the right people, training them well and keeping them happy sounds like an obvious plan for success. But the reality is that revenue demands, cost controls, and limited resources can derail the best intentions.” – SiriusDecisions

Sales Enablement and the buyer’s journey

In my experience, a proper sales enablement strategy plays a key role in motivating top sales talent and increasing their tenure inside the company. To show off their competencies and overachieve quotas, highly skilled reps need valuable information at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

When you equip them with all the resources they need, your top reps can sell even the most difficult products and services. Sales enablement will also help other reps stand out from the crowd and join your top sales talent.


If you make sales enablement a core component of your sales strategy, top sales reps will lead your organization even when competition gets tough. This will help increase your ROI and ensure you always play in the big league. According to recent research, high-performing organizations don’t hesitate to invest in their people: they spend over 170 percent more on sales training and development than low-performing companies.

Video and mobile trends

While some companies have made video and mobile resources available for a while now, others are still trying to catch up with the trends. The use of mobile and video content helps top sales reps —especially Millennials with short attention spans — to sift and sort information.

To keep your top sales reps knowledgeable on the go, integrate video and mobile resources into your sales enablement strategy. Aberdeen Research shows best-in-class organizations are 140% more likely to adopt video-based selling and learning solutions for their reps or channel partners. This helps them maximize their efficiency and drive revenue.

Bottom line

High performers have complex abilities that allow them to always uncover the next big deal and overachieve quotas. But they also have a good sense of how good they are, which makes them harder to motivate and retain. A proper sales enablement strategy can help you keep them with your company for longer.

By enabling them to tell the right story at each stage of the buyer’s journey, you help them move prospects through the pipeline and execute your sales strategy for years to come.

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