Sales Enablement during High Growth: Telling the Right Story

Sales enablement is vital to a company’s success. When you give your sales reps the resources they need to sell more effectively, you tell them the right story and help them score better deals. Sales enablement is even more important in times of high growth, as it can empower you to capitalize on change. If your company is preparing for rapid growth or you’re just getting your sales enablement process off the ground, sit back and read this story:

sales enablement

Once upon a time, there were three princes who had the skills to sell even the most difficult products. Let’s say – invisible clothes. They each had their own king and lived in different sales kingdoms that wanted to expand. The first two princes began their journey knowing nothing about what lay ahead. They encountered people who were interested in the invisible clothing but asked for more details that they were unable to give.

The third prince, though, received updates via the flock of messenger pigeons his kingdom raised. Armed with more information, he outsold the others. What set him apart was sales enablement. And many experts would point out this gave his kingdom a competitive advantage in the invisible clothing market.

Amid the fast pace of high growth, sales people and channel partners must be equipped with the right sales enablement strategy, tools, and processes. The ‘kings’ of Sales and Sales Ops need to make sure administrative tasks don’t get in the way of selling and that their princes remain agile and adaptable in the field.

What is Sales Enablement?

“Sales enablement” still means different things to different companies, but experts are working on some useful definitions. Forrester researchers came up with this definition:

“Sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer’s problem-solving life cycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.”

As Jim Ninivaggi from SiriusDecisions told Forbes, “The salesperson has to show up on the call, be knowledgeable and skillful, and have the right assets. Sales enablement is about how to improve productivity of sales by squeezing out inefficiencies and maximizing effectiveness.”

Do efficient sales enablement practices result in high growth?

By equipping your sales people with the right information and increasing productivity, sales enablement can lead to organic growth. When your sales reps and client-facing staff are ready to respond to the needs of your customers anytime and anywhere, you will increase sales revenue.

If you have a new product or plan coming out, your sales people should have enough details around the release to sell it. They should not have to miss precious selling time looking for information in wiki pages or reams of documentation. Reps need to know all the details of the history and future of the product to sell it effectively.

By making sales reps’ lives easier and ensuring your sales process is formalized, sales enablement can lead to high growth. Recent research backed up by CSO Insights shows organizations that have a dedicated sales enablement role see an 8.2% increase in revenue attainment versus those that don’t.

Is sales enablement required during fast growth?

High growth can be very exciting for any organization. You’re making a lot of changes and releasing a new product every month. But are your reps equipped to sell these products? Let’s dive into five questions that will guide you through massive growth:

  1. Do sales reps have enough information about the changes happening, or does the way your company grow intimidate them? Are they able to keep up with the pace?
  1. Do they have enough information about your growth plans? Are they sufficiently aware of the company’s objectives to be able to sell to the right buyer?
  1. Are you giving them the right tools to effectively do their job?
  1. If you increased your sales team to support the leads you’re getting, did you also redesign the sales structure?
  1. Are you setting realistic targets for the sales team? Unrealistic targets set during high growth periods can demoralize your sales force.

To avoid getting stuck in a sales rut, look at the bigger picture and analyze the gaps that can be filled. This is a time when your sales teams need to be completely formalized, trained and working with the same objectives in mind.

Optymyze helps sales enablement managers with a platform that provides relevant information to their sales teams. We make sure your reps are always equipped to do their job effectively and efficiently. We also help you recognize and enforce winning behavior, setting the quotas that will drive sales performance.

To learn more about how we help clients with sales enablement, read our Customer Success Stories.

Komal Kalyani

Senior Consultant

Komal has 6 years experience helping Telecom and Pharmaceutical clients manage their compensation plans.

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