Re-Defining Sales Operations’ Charter

Optymyze is a first-time sponsor at this year’s Sales Force Productivity Conference and I’m happy to represent our team at this top sales effectiveness event. In addition to meeting the best industry experts and taking part in the sessions the Sales Management Association has prepared for us, I’m excited to be part of the panel discussing an important topic: Re-Defining Sales Operations’ Charter. Join us!

Sales Force Productivity

Sales operations is a business function that goes by many names. Companies may call it sales effectiveness, sales productivity, sales enablement, or commercial effectiveness. What is common to all organizations is the growing list of core sales operations responsibilities, encompassing reporting, strategic alignment, forecasting, pipeline management, and sales force development, to name just a few of the major ones.

sales operations

Source: Sales Management Association, 2015

And there’s no sign of slowing down. Research shows that the level of involvement of sales operations in both strategic and tactical corporate initiatives will continue to grow.

To best position the sales operations function for success, sales organizations must define the sales operations charter with these questions in mind:

  • Where can sales ops bring the highest value to the sales organization and company, in general?
  • What should sales operations’ core responsibilities be?
  • Does the organization have the right roles, skills, expertise, and staff to efficiently perform all necessary functions?
  • Could the sales ops benefit from seeking outside sales ops expertise?

The ideal solution is unique to each organization and has to do with size, structure, goals, resources, and industry, among others.

We will discuss these issues during the Re-Defining Sales Operations’ Charter panel at the Sales Force Productivity Conference, in Atlanta. My fellow panelists and I will share expert insights into how high-performing sales operations functions define objectives, allocate resources optimally, and maximize quality and efficiency. The session will take place on Tuesday, October 25, 10:30 AM – 11:20 AM. Find out more and join us!

Also, don’t miss the Case Study: Kowa Pharmaceuticals America on Outsourcing Sales Operations, on Tuesday, October 25, 3:15 PM – 4:05 PM. Brad Hardy, VP Sales, and Jason Farley, Director Sales Operations, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, will share how the company overcame early struggles to provide its sales force with world-class sales operations support.

You can still register here.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Mihai Popoaca

Senior Vice President, Professional Services

Mihai has more than 17 years of experience delivering business results for clients, with a focus on ongoing, successful relationship management through the design and implementation of dynamic sales performance systems. He currently leads Optymyze’s Professional Services organization globally and provides the overall direction of the organization’s growth initiatives.

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