Pharma Industry Trends 2015

Over the past two decades, Optymyze has supported our clients through a major transformation in the pharma industry. Key changes have impacted the healthcare provider structure, the payer landscape, and data availability. Despite this sustained pace of change over the last 20 years, it seems it has only accelerated recently.

It’s remarkable how much change is occurring today, with increased innovation from payers as they look to control costs, a laser-like focus on using data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage, and changes in the way that healthcare professionals are willing to and prefer to be reached.

This (updated) infographic highlights some of the topics I hear about frequently, both from my pharma clients, in the news media, and from friends working in healthcare.

Erich Sachse

Vice President, Professional Services

Erich has 14 years of experience leading engagements to assess and transform sales and channel performance for over 80 clients.

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