Optymyze Tops Annual SPM Analyst Report: #1 in Customer Experience and #1 SPM Products

We’re starting 2019 off with a bang! Optymyze was positioned as the highest-ranking vendor in all four use cases in the annual SPM critical capabilities report and was once again placed in the Leaders Quadrant in the 2019 SPM analyst report. We’re especially proud to be ranked #1 for customer experience and support.

A Leader That Goes Beyond SPM

While Optymyze achieved perfect scores and beat all SPM competitors in ease of configuring complex data extract, transformation, load (ETL) functions and other data processing applications, our recognition this year goes beyond offering our customers traditional SPM applications.

Optymyze customers are actively building no-code data repositories with over 100,000 data tables and more than 100 billion records, processing over one petabyte of data (one million GB) each month using no-code data transformations, and creating over 10,000 no-code applications for use by over 500,000 salespeople and other users across the organization.

We’re the only SPM vendor with a laser focus on innovation to solve business problems and a sales operations management solution rooted in no-code data and end-user app development platforms.

Optymyze Is Revolutionizing Sales Operations

No-code data management and application development capabilities are fast becoming the key ingredients for success in sales operations management. Why? Because they put the power of data management and end-user application development into the hands of sales operations staff, sales leadership and salespeople – all without the need for them to request IT support or write any code. These capabilities are unprecedented in the SPM space.

Read how Optymyze no-code apps helped revolutionize the sales process for a classic cosmetics brand in this case study.

Contact us to learn how we can help you transform your sales operations into a strategic advantage.

2020 Gartner MQ for SPM + Gartner Critical Capabilities for SPM Vendors

Optymyze has been named a Leader in Gartner MQ for SPM and is the achiever of the highest scores in Gartner Critical Capabilities of SPM Vendors. Get instant access to both reports!

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Renny Fidlon

VP of Marketing at Optymyze

Renny specializes in helping B2B companies utilize modern marketing techniques to build demand and scale their businesses. He’s currently leading a global team of marketers to develop and execute the next evolution in account-based marketing.

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