Introducing Optymyze App Gallery: Take Sales Performance Management to New Heights

One of the great strengths of the Optymyze Platform has always been its ability to integrate all aspects of a customer’s sales operations. With the recent unveiling of the Optymyze App Gallery, our customers are developing an even deeper appreciation for the sales performance management power of the Optymyze Platform, and its ability to cater to their unique businesses.

Introducing Optymyze App Gallery: Take Sales Performance Management to New Heights

Competitive pressures have made technology an essential factor in supporting sales teams today. The best way to do this is through specialized tools and services that make everyone’s job a lot easier, allowing reps, managers and leaders alike to focus on what they really want to do: sell.

To that end, the Optymyze App Gallery is a collection of 35 pre-configured sales performance management (SPM) apps that supplement and extend our sales operations solutions. Customers can easily and quickly implement specialized apps to support every aspect of sales operations, sales force engagement, and sales effectiveness:

  • Sales and Operations Management: facilitate operational aspects of sales management with apps for distribution, inventory and location/store management, as well as advanced sales performance incentive fund (SPIF) program management.
  • Sales Compensation: give salespeople insight into their compensation and how they can earn more with apps for managing inquiries, royalties, and sales crediting.
  • Sales Force Automation: help sales teams manage information and activities throughout the sales process with apps for managing leads, accounts, and opportunities, as well as activities, contracts, and more.
  • Sales Force Management: Recruit and retain a high-performing sales team with apps support every stage of sales force management, from candidate tracking and onboarding to salary and payroll management.
  • Sales Process: streamline and automate crucial sales processes with apps for configure, price, quote (CPQ), order management, invoice adjustments, and referrals management.
  • Sales Professional Development: develop and train your sales team to ensure continuous performance with professional development apps, including certification management, competencies management, and sales coaching management.

The Sales Force Automation app - screenshot

The Sales Force Automation (SFA) apps let you manage leads, accounts, opportunities, products, and price books, and include a set of standard pipeline reports.

Fast to Deploy, Instantly Connected

Customers can import and deploy complete, fully-functioning apps within hours, and they will work seamlessly within their Optymyze instance. For example, all app tables are part of the common Optymyze data repository, and the data collected through the app can be used by any other Optymyze application. Customers can deploy apps at any time – from the moment they install Optymyze to months (or even years!) later when their instance is mature.

Clients that take advantage of the Optymyze App Gallery will substantially increase their ability to improve effectiveness at each stage of the sales process. Backed by the cloud, this pool of dedicated sales performance management apps offers increased visibility, aligning sales goals and compensation. Clients can efficiently execute strategies and drive faster increases in sales results. Best of all, apps can work together for progressively better business outcomes across the board.

As Seth Godin once said, “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” The Optymyze App Gallery was built in this spirit, catering to everyone in sales ops, from sales rep to executive. Visit for a closer look at the App Gallery.

Anne Luongo

VP Community

Anne Luongo is Community Vice President at Optymyze. With ample experience in Sales Performance Management technologies, she also has rigorous understanding of the processes involved, and of the professional communities using these solutions.

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