Mergers Unlocked: How to Make Sales Skyrocket during M&As

They say “he who has the gold makes the rules” but in the business world, it’s easier said than done. When two companies merge, their respective processes and hierarchies will not harmonize without a fight. When administrative tasks pile up, it’s often the sales force that gets impacted the most.

Mergers Unlocked: How to Make Sales Skyrocket during M&As

Mergers force business leaders to take the good with some bad. Redundancy, hierarchy confusion, turnover, disputes – these are just some of the headaches associated with a corporate fusion. As far as the sales team is concerned, the biggest impacts are:

  • Strategy alignment – communication, or lack thereof
  • Inconsistent (and sometimes conflicting) hierarchies
  • Educating reps on both sides in the “new” selling spirit
  • Product mix – what are we going to focus on next?
  • Quota adjustment / changing the rules during the game
  • Spike in administrative tasks (intranet of things)
  • Vendor continuity – offer the same services across the board
  • Turnover – Holding on to the best sales reps from both sides

For the sales force, a merger can be painful. Yes, not all reps will stick around if the boat rocks as new crew members set foot on the deck. To continue the sailing analogy, some might get pushed overboard, while others will grab the mast with both arms and cling there until the storm clears. But for the organization as a whole, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to align processes with goals. In short, to optimize.

Agree and execute

In the face of a merger, planning ahead is a must. Managers want to be sure that everyone understands what the change means, focusing on positive outcomes and upcoming opportunities. My advice? Expect the unexpected and be ready to change course mid-way through. Agility or lack thereof can make a huge difference. Assume large buffers before making commitments in terms of timelines.

Sales compensation in particular takes a huge hit during a merger. Compensating everyone handsomely, as well as justly, is a good place to start streamlining some of the fuss typically associated with coalescing disparate business models. But sales operations is so much more than compensation. It includes everything from territory management and cross-channel collaboration to quota setting, data analytics, and communications.

The Sales Operations as a Service (SOaaS) model leverages underline data to align business processes with company goals, churns out accurate compensation plans for individual sales reps, and delivers sales performance management uniquely tailored to specific products and services. Optymyze SOaaS is specifically designed to prevent disruption in the business flow by employing best-of-breed business solutions (that go beyond software). The solution offers a holistic approach to all sales operations processes in order to deliver the best outcome.

Measure success

So, how do you know that your strategy paid off? Easy:

  • Confirm all business outcomes as defined through your global strategy
  • Drive better engagement from your top performers and up the ante for the others
  • Have consistent engagement throughout the sales organization on both sides until the fusion process is complete and set the stage for sustained growth
  • No product in the combined portfolio lags behind in sales
  • No red spots in the distribution of talent across geographies
  • Partner with your techies, curb the strain on IT

The intricacy of Sales Operations in today’s ruthless marketplace demands more than just software. Today, you need equal parts technology, standardized business processes, and sheer expertise to not only meet, but exceed quota. After all, it’s what everyone’s after.

Optymyze is designed not just to fix what’s broken, but to enable pivotal movement and sustained growth, to nurture partnerships both internally and externally, and to improve time-to-value ratio. Seizing the opportunity is to regard change not as a hurdle, but as a revolution. Leave evolutions behind and take a real step forward!

Marius Clapon

Professional Services Director

Marius manages the operational relationship with implementation clients, applying his wide-ranging business and computer science experience for EMEA companies.

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