Tone at the Top: How Leaders Can Impact Sales and Sales Operations

We’ve all heard and used the phrase “nothing lasts forever” so often that it tops the most-used cliché list. But overuse doesn’t make it any less true. Every day, sales operations organizations are challenged to let go of past—or even present—practices, and step into a future that’s being created at lightning-fast speed. Whether the call to change enters through your organization’s front door, as it does when your competition gains a competitive edge, or slips in through cracks in internal processes and antiquated tools, it won’t be silenced.

Tone at the Top: How Leaders Can Impact Sales and Sales Operations

At any given moment, at least one player in your industry is most likely doing more (in one or more areas) than you are. The business world is a constantly shifting, dynamic landscape in which agility has become a mandatory trait—not only for thriving, but for surviving.

But change never comes easily. Many of our clients feared it. After all, it’s tempting to try and remain in a comfort zone, knowing how things work and hoping for better outcomes. Overcoming fear of change, as many affluent organizations can attest to, is always worth the effort. To use a popular buzzword, it’s the mark of a best-in-class organization. Especially in sales operations.

Agility as a prerequisite

Why is it particularly important for sales leaders to embrace change? Because of the salespeople who are intimately involved with and affected by processes that may lack both efficiency and effectiveness. Among these, perhaps none is more crucial to the success of your sales team, and thus your organization, than incentive compensation.

Sales leaders must be able to “throttle up” or “throttle down” as needed. Pulling the lever to move the needle is a crucial aspect of incentive compensation. Organizations need to provide visible feedback so that individuals can see their contributions and know how those contributions impact the objectives of the organization. The goal is to do that in a routine and easy way that frees reps up from administrative burdens and enables them to focus solely on selling.

Sales operations executives are concerned with compliance and data, but taking a sea of raw data and turning it into actionable insights presents a huge challenge that far from everyone is capable of taking on. That’s why dedicated solutions and on-hand experts who complete and monitor those tasks for you are valuable assets, allowing you to focus on sales enablement, and your reps to devote their energies to actual sales. Agile processes not only help you to weather change, but to leverage it to your advantage.

Dare to “optymyze”

The burden of optimizing sales performance falls on sales operations, but most departments find themselves caught in old, predictable patterns unable to withstand even the smallest alteration. Optymyze enables sales leaders to deploy custom-tailored processes, and then lean back and focus on selling. With a dedicated team of experts and the technology to match, Optymyze:

  • Provides insight into needed future change with custom fit sales analytics
  • Enables rapid change in sales planning and strategy execution
  • Empowers leaders and sales reps alike to capitalize on change
  • Motivates individuals to adapt to change with accurate, timely sales compensation

Take bold steps to mitigate risk

That may sound ironic, but it’s very much true. Few companies understand that taking bold steps is actually less risky than doing nothing. But almost every industry imaginable has experienced the painful effects of inaction.

Change hits everyone hard. How an organization views and reacts to it separates the winners from the losers.  And while nobody wants to go against what the company has been doing for years (maybe even decades in some cases), sometimes it’s important to give your boss a nudge.

For change to be experienced as a pathway to positive business outcomes, it must start at the top. When leaders display a readiness for the kinds of transformation that are happening all around them, there’s a ripple effect throughout the organization. Everyone gets on board. This awareness has helped us drive massive wins for all our clients, so it can never be overstated.

Process improvement sets the wave of change in motion, and once you’re riding it, you just might catch sight of horizons you never imagined before. Though implementing something new may take some getting used to, sitting on your laurels and letting your competition wash over you is the real risk to your company’s prosperity.

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Mitchel Bell

Sales Director

Mitchel is focused on sales improvement for his clients as well as for himself, making sure people get compensated accurately and building efficiency into Sales Operations. He specializes in helping companies align sales goals and compensation to drive precise selling behaviors and improve revenue.

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