An Innovative Approach to Non-Cash Sales Incentives – the Key to Keeping Sales Engaged and Productive

Optymyze is thrilled to be a part of this year’s World at Work 2017 Spotlight on Sales Compensation, taking place August 21 – 23, in Chicago. I’ve attended this conference a number of times in past years, and always find it to be the premier event for expanding sales compensation knowledge and for networking. This year, I’m honored to be co-presenting with Jason Farley, from Kowa Pharmaceuticals, on the benefits of non-cash sales incentives. We’ll share best practices for improving non-cash incentive processes to achieve greater agility, more effectively communicate sales goals, change salesperson behaviors, and motivate your sales force to drive maximum performance and increase sales results.

We have long known the psychological value of non-cash incentives, but in a world where cash is king, striking the right balance between cash and non-cash incentives often proves difficult. As we experience generational change in our sales force, with more millennials joining our teams, the types and impact of non-cash incentives have also changed. Traditional financial incentives (in the form of cash bonuses, merit increases, long-term incentives, and equity) provide only one piece of the puzzle.

Forward-thinking organizations like Kowa Pharmaceuticals are now implementing and leveraging innovative non-cash incentives to change the game and keep sales engaged, productive, and aligned with company strategy. We will share some examples of how Kowa’s use of these best practices has generated excitement in the sales force, a nine-fold increase in recognition, and turnover below industry norms.

As a special bonus, all attendees will get a chance to enjoy the non-cash-incentive trend firsthand. We practice what we preach! You’ll be entered into a drawing for a special prize simply by joining our audience. Engaging with the content, asking questions, and sharing examples from your own organization will earn you more entries.

We look forward to sharing tips for mining the power of non-cash incentives at this year’s World at Work 2017 Spotlight on Sales Compensation. Here’s the schedule at-a-glance. Register here.

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Erich Sachse

Vice President, Professional Services

Erich has 14 years of experience leading engagements to assess and transform sales and channel performance for over 80 clients.

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