How to Instantly Reinvent Your Sales Reporting

Tedious, time-consuming, error-prone, superficial: these are the words that come to mind when we think of traditional reporting. But our new suite of off-the-shelf reporting apps is changing all that – generating instant value with automated, visually stunning reporting.

Being tasked with reporting has traditionally meant spending endless hours pulling data together manually and attempting to analyze it – eating up precious time while running the risk of creating a report that lacks in both precision and profundity.

But when done accurately and efficiently, reporting can be invaluable for large sales organizations; after all, it draws attention to what’s working, what isn’t, and how performance can be improved. Leaving your employees to do manual reporting or neglecting it altogether, on the other hand, results in wasted man-hours and opportunities – and, ultimately, lost revenue.

Traditional reporting is rife with inefficiencies because data is often disorganized, not to mention that analyzing it thoroughly is a complicated matter that typically requires specialized expertise. For many companies, that means significant opportunity for growth – as long as they understand the limitations of their legacy methodologies and can accurately identify what (and how) to analyze in order to drive better business outcomes.

What should you report on?

Data analysis is highly open-ended, but that can be a double-edged sword. Although there are nearly infinite combinations of data points and methodologies, only some of them can be combined into actionable insights that impact your organization’s growth and help you make the most productive decisions.

For instance, let’s say you want to speed up your sales cycle. The first step is pulling the data specifically relevant to that initiative. Your conversion rates, sales cycle times, and prospect information can all help you generate quality insights to close sales faster. For every area with potential for improvement, there’s an ideal set of data points that will help you realize the greatest gains.

What are the limitations of traditional reporting?

Too often, reports are treated as an afterthought, which results in a simplistic view of the data – it gets displayed “as is,” without meaningful analyses or insights. Without sufficient depth of analysis in your reporting, the onus is on the recipients to draw their own conclusions.

It’s also common for report designers to create a single dashboard comprising multiple charts and lists of associated records. While such dashboards can summarize huge quantities of information, they don’t offer quality insights – and they typically aren’t optimized for display on mobile devices.

Inconsistent report designs and a lack of mobile access result in reps wasting precious time in front of their computers, attempting to decipher the meaning within their data – leading to missed sales opportunities. That can skew sales managers’ views of the sales cycle, which ultimately results in the executive level receiving subpar insights.

What’s the alternative?

Over the course of our decades helping some of the world’s premier companies streamline their sales ops, we’ve learned a lot about what is and isn’t useful information for people at all levels of a sales organization.

In response to those needs, we’ve developed a suite of off-the-shelf reporting apps that address the most prevalent issues in this critical – but oft-overlooked – area of business.

The main principle underlying these apps is story visualization: a mobile-first, user-friendly methodology for delivering key insights and analyses, with the ability to drill down into deeper detail. Our approach bypasses the shortcomings of traditional reporting methods and provides rapid time to value by offering an instant view of what’s going on within your sales organization and how it can run more efficiently.

What can you expect?

With minimal setup, our off-the-shelf reporting apps deliver actionable compensation insights and highlights tailored for every level of the sales hierarchy – from salespeople to managers to executives. Our story visualization archetypes use standardized algorithms and consistent, well-organized presentation styles, making it simple to receive data-driven wisdom. And with easy-to-understand visuals that work well on any device, accessibility is never a concern.

Whether your sales reps are looking for information on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, our reporting apps can provide them with answers to key questions like:

  • How did I perform this month compared to last month?
  • How does my performance compare to that of my peers?
  • What factors have contributed to changes in my month-to-month performance?
  • Why is my performance so low compared to my peers?

Your salespeople won’t have to go digging through the numbers to answer these questions for themselves; our apps are designed to deliver the answers automatically.

The same idea applies at higher levels, too. Sales managers gain a more accurate picture of the reasons behind their teams’ results and easily identify what areas and opportunities their reps should focus on, while executives enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the sales process and receive regular summaries that increase their high-level understanding of internal trends.

If you’re looking to gain the clearest possible view into your sales pipeline and make data-driven business decisions, it’s time to discover a better way of reporting. Find out what our off-the-shelf reporting apps can do for your company’s bottom line.

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Earl Carvalho

Solutions Manager

Earl Carvalho has over 10 years of progressive work experience conceptualizing and designing solutions related to Sales Compensation Management, CRM, and Insurance Distribution Management. He is currently a Solutions Manager leading innovations in Optymyze’s reporting and analytics initiatives.

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