How Do You Stack Up? Take the Benchmark Survey from Ventana Research on Using Analytics and Data to Optimize Sales

Optymyze research partner, Ventana Research, aims to explore your experiences and approaches to applying sales data and analytics in order to maximize their value. Click here to take the survey: Next Generation Sales Analytics.

Much has been written about the flood of data and companies’ struggle to make use of it, when and where it counts. The market is also flooded with technologies that promise to make sales analytics much easier, faster, and more effective. Are the claims real? How do you choose? Do you even know what your requirements are?

sales analytics

Ventana Research, the leading benchmark research and advisory services firm, just launched a survey to assess the impact of data and analytics sophistication on the performance of organizations, by size and industry.

Take the survey here: Next Generation Sales Analytics.

All qualified respondents will receive a $25 Amazon gift card for completing the survey and a copy of the final report, which will offer a better understanding of your requirements and help you develop an effective internal business case for investing in sales analytics.


Among other things, the survey asks about your experience with:

  • Timeliness and frequency of actionable analysis
  • Confidence in data accuracy
  • Satisfaction with technologies employed
  • Capabilities for big data, cloud computing, collaboration, data presentation
  • Mobile analytics applications
  • Barriers to adopting sales analytics technologies

Take the Next Generation Sales Analytics survey today and get a free copy of the benchmark report, a $25 Amazon gift card, plus a chance to win one of 25 benchmark research reports and a 30-minute consultation with Ventana Research (package valued at US$1,495.)

Thomas Urie

President of Optymyze

Tom is a high-tech executive with extensive leadership experience and success in strategic and tactical operations, marketing, product management and data analytics.



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