Gamification: How to Play and Win at Sales Operations

Gamification is a hot concept that has gained traction over the last decade. The idea is fun and simple: apply game elements to business situations to improve engagement, learning, productivity, and sales.

In sales organizations, gamification fits like a glove. Salespeople are naturally competitive and love to win. For some, it’s about beating competitors. Others are motivated by their personal best. And, though it may seem easy to integrate gamification in the sales process, I have seen organizations struggle to implement it successfully. Here’s why.


There’s much more to gamification than games and prizes. In fact, good gamification should work even without rewards. If planned correctly, the process itself will be motivating enough to attract and engage salespeople.

Successful gamification starts with answering a few essential questions:

  • What objective am I trying to achieve through gamification?
  • Can it help me with achieving this objective?
  • Do I have organizational buy-in?
  • Do I have the budget, resources, and support to implement it?

As far as objectives are concerned, don’t only think in terms of increasing sales. Gamification can be used in a variety of situations, such as onboarding sales reps, taking new products to market, advancing opportunities through the sales process, or improving client satisfaction.

Once you have the objective pinned down, the next step is to plan the gamification program. Who are the players? What should they do? How will you measure performance? Define the rules and mechanics as clearly as possible to avoid confusion and conflicts.

Make sure the program is fair and gives all players an equal chance to enter and win. Also, be transparent about the rules and results, offer real-time statistics, and keep a constant eye on player motivation. Spice things up from time to time with challenges, missions, and quests. Not last, measure and improve throughout the process.

Sounds like a lot of work? It is. But, the results are worth it.

If you’d like to find out more about each of the steps above, with best practices, examples, and expert tips, download your free copy of How to Successfully Use Gamification in Sales Operations guide.

Or, if you’d like a shortcut, contact us and one of our consultants will gladly answer your questions.

For the Win: How to Successfully Use Gamification in Sales Operations

Salespeople love to win and sales organizations are the perfect environment for gamification. Download this guide to learn how gamification can improve sales performance.

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Emilian Romas

Professional Services Manager

Emilian is an outcomes focused professional with 11 years of sales performance management, business intelligence and analytics consulting experience.

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