Connecting Sales Compensation to Company Goals

With an ever increasing competitive market, I’m often surprised to see sales compensation plans that tell me nothing about the company’s sales strategy. High sales performance is only possible when sales strategy and compensation plans are aligned.

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Even though most organizations understand the importance of strategic alignment, the best intentions can go unfulfilled while planning for a new compensation plan. Even more common, as the sales strategy evolves, many organizations are unwilling or unable to change their sales compensation plans to stay aligned. Sales compensation cannot be a constraint on your ability to execute the sales strategy.

If you want your sales compensation to be aligned with your company’s goals and the needs of your sales force, there are a few steps you can follow. I go over the details of these steps in the article In Full Alignment: Connecting Sales Compensation to Company Goals, published in the March edition of the WorldatWork Sales Compensation Focus newsletter.

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Erich Sachse

Vice President, Professional Services

Erich has 14 years of experience leading engagements to assess and transform sales and channel performance for over 80 clients.

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