7 Questions to Assess Your Need for a Sales Performance Management Solution

Maintaining high standards in sales performance management inside a financial services organization can feel like walking a tightrope.

SPM solution

You have to strike a fine balance between sales and risk management, with market conditions always changing around you. If you are looking to improve your sales performance in this complex industry, you are surely aware of some towering hurdles that need to be overcome.

From new media disrupting classic sales channels and causing security concerns to the customers’ expectations for “anytime, anywhere” access to their finances. From untapped big data intelligence, to new compliance demands. From competition coming from outside the sector, to a lack of highly skilled workforce inside, and others.

For example, did you know that:

–   46% of consumers switch between devices before completing a financial transaction online?

–  only 14% of financial companies use big data to drive sales strategy decisions?

–   66% of financial services execs say workloads have increased due to regulatory demands?

–   70% of financial services CEOs say the limited availability of key skills is a threat to growth?

Given the volatile nature of the financial services market and the pace at which technology evolves, it’s no wonder only four in ten industry leaders believe their Sales, IT, HR, R&D and Customer Service functions are well prepared for the disruptive changes ahead.

Finding a Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution that will align to the items mentioned above is a first step in delivering desired business outcomes.

Adjust your business models to cope with disruption and maximize revenues:

  • Get the right SPM technology.
  • Reward them appropriately, without overspending.

Our new financial services infographic could help swiftly assess your need for an SPM solution. Answer seven questions to better understand some of the pain points inside your sales organization.


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