Optymyze Sales Studio

Platform as a Service (PaaS) configuration environment. Custom-built sales applications.

Now, business analysts can jump in and extend the capabilities of Optymyze Sales Performance themselves. Tailor a sales performance solution to meet your unique business needs. Accelerate time-to-value and satisfy your infrastructure requirements for reliability, scalability, performance, and security.


Complete, effective sales performance management processes aren’t easy to come by. It takes best-of-breed solutions to ensure that everyone from managers to sales reps are compensated correctly. However, companies usually face the following hurdles:

  • Expensive SPM tools providing incomplete solutions for the business
  • Inflexible, aging systems and processes that can’t cope with change
  • Erroneous calculations, disputes and delays in sales compensation


Enable your business analysts to add custom functionality for meaningful results. By aligning the capabilities of Optymyze Sales Performance with their own business goals, companies can:

  • Improve time-to-value by customizing every sales process to cater to your business
  • Empower business analysts with no technical background to apply their insights to rapid application development
  • Meet business needs with the ability to extend beyond classic SPM

Sales Studio Solutions

Optymyze offers two approaches to achieving timely, accurate sales compensation using custom-built solutions:

Optymyze Sales Studio

An extensible Platform as a Service (PaaS) configuration environment that meets your unique needs:

  • Automate any business process and package it into a reusable app
  • Throttle the complexity of workflows up or down, as necessary
  • Configure apps with any kind of sales-related information, personalized to your sales team
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Sales Studio App Development

An app development service that lets business analysts extend the capabilities of Optymyze Sales Performance with custom components. Coding not required.

  • Create full-featured, mobile-ready apps on the fly
  • Eliminate inefficiencies by working with a single vendor
  • Update apps anytime while avoiding compatibility issues and development costs

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