Optymyze Sales Planning

Use an Integrated Planning Solution to Make Better Decisions

Leverage sales forecasting software and customized advice to tap into all relevant data sources across your organization. Stay ahead of the market by modeling multiple scenarios. Understand how to take advantage of new market opportunities.


Sales planning best practices and tools allow companies to improve accuracy. Without them, organizations often struggle to:

  • Bring together all data necessary for real-world sales planning.
  • Move away from generic spreadsheets that take up valuable time and drain resources.
  • Reduce manual processes that introduce errors and, by extent, faulty decisions.


Optimize your ability to achieve goals with advanced sales planning. With the right technology and business practices, you will be able to:

  • Model large data volumes and take advantage of new market opportunities.
  • Plan accurately by gaining a clear vision of your future sales and costs.
  • Stay ahead of competitors by responding successfully to specific changes in your industry.

Sales Planning Solutions

Optymyze offers two approaches to solving your Sales Planning challenges:

Optymyze Sales Planning Software

The Optymyze Sales Planning platform enables you to:

  • Automate the extraction, validation, and modelling of data from any part of the enterprise.
  • Create a highly effective sales model for budgeting and forecasting.
  • Model territory sizing, quota allocation, and incentive compensation.

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Sales Planning

Collaborate with best-in-class experts to:

  • Tap every critical, required data source.
  • Manage the planning process more effectively.
  • Work efficiently across your planning team.
  • Be prepared for any change in the market or inside the organization.

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