Optymyze Sales Analytics

One Single Source of Truth for SPM

Speed time-to-value with integrated data management, reporting, and sales analysis software, and improve visibility into sales data and metrics across your organization. Leverage all data for a complete picture of performance and apply insights to improve performance.


Data collection and accurate analytics are essential to a sales organization’s success. However, companies often face challenges:

  • gather and process data from multiple sources
  • efficiently translate data into insights
  • provide leadership with information relevant to sales performance and market trends for improved, faster decision making


Technology enables organizations to base their actions on actionable data and analytics. Analytics adopters can:

  • automate data collection, transformation, and reporting for more efficient processes
  • give stakeholders a clearer view into performance
  • understand the impact of change and gain confidence in how the organization responds to it

Sales Analytics Solutions

Optymyze Sales Analytics Software

Optymyze Sales Analytics provides the following core capabilities and benefits:

  • import data automatically from across the enterprise into a single repository
  • execute complex transformations on any data to normalize it and turn it into more meaningful data
  • create a rich variety of analytics – including descriptive, predictive and prescriptive to provide richer sales insights
  • apply visualizations to make any analytic more intuitive for end users

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Sales Analytics

For industry leaders, we recommend collaborating with our team of experts:

  • get accurate answers to questions that rely on complex data calculations
  • help your sales team prioritize activity based on timely analysis of customer behavior and product sales
  • enable business users to understand data through interactive dashboards and rich visualizations
  • reduce risks and costs through shared accountability for outcomes

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