Sales Platform

Integrated and Extensible Platform for Analytics, Planning, and Application Development

Modern businesses operate in a dynamic environment with unique data, processes, and systems. They need flexible solutions that can be easily extended to support any situation and that will deliver value quickly.

Optymyze Sales Platform delivers these outcomes via a powerful set of technologies for sales analytics, sales planning, and application development.

Optymyze Sales Performance Applications


Optymyze Sales Platform supports your unique requirements and accelerates time-to-value.

  • Make better decisions using integrated analysis and planning to see the complete picture.
  • Accelerate software implementation with pre-built applications and streamlined data management.
  • Lower custom development costs by empowering business analysts with an easy-to-use toolkit.
  • Reduce IT administration costs of integrating, configuring, and managing multiple technologies.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with a built-in tracking of all system changes.
  • Delay system replacement costs by extending the solution to support your changing needs.

Speed time-to-value with integrated data management, reporting, and analytics, and improve visibility into sales data and metrics across the organization.

  • Combine any type of data with seamless integration to CRM, SFA, HRIS, and many other third-party systems.
  • Automate data collection, transformation, reporting, and intelligence.
  • Visualize, analyze, and communicate information across your enterprise.

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Tailor the solution to meet your unique needs with an extensible, Platform as a Service (PaaS) configuration environment for building sales applications.

  • Automate any business process and package it into a reusable custom app.
  • Create workflows that are as simple or complex as necessary.
  • Configure apps with any kind of sales-related information, personalized to your sales users.

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Refine the sales planning process by combining data from different sources into a comprehensive, accurate, and more effective plan.

  • Automate the process of extracting, validating, transforming, and loading data into the model from any part of the enterprise.
  • Create a real-world sales model for planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Plan and model any type of process such as territory sizing, quota allocation, and incentive compensation.

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