Optymyze Sales Application Studio


Use Optymyze Sales Application Studio to build your own custom sales performance management (SPM) applications. Improve sales operations effectiveness. Share the applications you’ve built and discover applications others have built on the Optymyze platform.

Build What You Need With Optymyze Sales Application Studio

Optymyze offers a complete Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capability via the Optymyze Sales Application Studio. Business analysts can use this platform to create any kind of custom SPM app for their business. It consists of six major components:

Optymyze Sales Application Studio

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Proving value as quickly as possible is essential for any business. Optymyze Sales Application Studio lets you create highvalue business applications rapidly, leveraging all the information and business logic in your Optymyze SPM solution. Business analysts can build applications in days and that can go on to provide measurable value to the sales organization. Since Optymyze is delivered entirely in a SaaS model, your custom applications are upgraded regularly with new capabilities and are also “upgrade safe” so new functionality does not break any application you’ve built with Sales Application Studio. You will be able to use the latest Optymyze release without having to rewrite custom applications.

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Extend the Value of Optymyze Sales Performance Management

With the range of capabilities in Optymyze Sales Application Studio, as well as those in the Optymyze Sales Performance application suite, you can build a variety of custom sales performance management applications which increase the business value of Optymyze. Below are examples of some of the different types of business applications that can be created with Optymyze
Sales Application Studio:

Increase marketing effectiveness and better incent sales with SPIF programs.
SPIF programs

Sales Performance Incentive Funds (SPIF) programs have long been used to incent and reward sales for selling specific products and services. However, many companies cannot easily integrate the execution of SPIF programs into their sales performance management applications. Optymyze Sales Application Studio solves this problem. Build a custom application to automate the entry, management, and payment of SPIFs for every product and service. Increase program efficiency for sales and marketing, and improve overall program effectiveness.

Drive healthy sales competition by applying gamification techniques to incentive contests.
applying gamification techniques

Gamification is one of the most significant developments in sales performance management. Use Optymyze Sales Application Studio to create a sales incentive contest application that applies the most current gamification technology, and is completely embedded in your sales performance management solution. Provide dashboards to sales people that show their ranking, progress, and wins. Instilling healthy competition in sales organizations has been proven to help drive achievement of sales objectives.

Increase sales by better incenting and standardizing referrals.
standardizing referrals

Referrals are essential to sales performance for every company. Customers, employees, and business partners make the best salespeople and often give you the best prospects. Rarely, however, do companies formalize this activity in a business application to capture the value of referrals. Optymyze Sales Application Studio helps you take advantage of this source of business and can quickly provide a tailored referral management system which defines, manages, and pays on any referral provided.

Improve the efficiency of education and marketing with sales content management.
sales content management

Sales and marketing content are often moving targets. Content creation, collaboration, version control and usage tracking is typically very difficult to manage, and the sales operations team or sales management are often given inadequate content management tools. Optymyze Sales Application Studio lets you create multiple sales and marketing content templates. You can define a workflow for creating, editing and approving sales content, like cover letters for a campaign, and also publish content to the Optymyze Portal so it’s accessible to all sales reps.

Continued Focus on Empowering
Non-Technical Users

As Optymyze Sales Application Studio evolves, we will continue to release market-leading capabilities that make things easier for non-technical users, giving them tools to quickly and effectively develop applications. Examples include:

  • Application configuration analyzer that checks if any custom applications are affected as you change data definitions across your platform.
  • Enhanced application page designer will streamline the design of application pages via an interactive user experience for laying out media-rich pages.
  • Widget library capabilities to make it easy to store and reuse components for application pages.
Build Amazing Apps for Any Device

Salespeople are mobile so any applications they use must be mobile too. Optymyze Sales Application Studio provides a responsive design model so that any application you build works equally well on a laptop or mobile device.

Share and Discover Other Applications Built on the Optymyze Platform

Customers and partners can share applications in the Optymyze Community freely and collaborate with others to share best practices and improve the quality of their applications. Optymyze partners can also leverage the partner network to increase awareness of their applications and discuss how customers can best use them.

All the Features You Expect From an Enterprise-Class Platform

Optymyze Sales Application Studio provides all the enterprise-class capabilities which today’s businesses have come to expect, including:


Developing enterprise applications means ensuring reliability and integrity of data and the applications. Optymyze Sales Application Studio is built using state of the art, fault-tolerant services.


Embedded, role-based security model and services built into all levels of the Optymyze platform and application environment to ensure access and changes to your data are only executed by authorized users. We also protect your data with industry-leading intrusion detection services and encryption for all communication with Optymyze applications.


Critical enterprise applications must ramp up to meet growing demand in real time. Optymyze is an ‘N-tier’ platform with scalability built in at each level, so you will always have the resources you need.

While Optymyze Sales Application Studio is designed for nontechnical business users, it also provides appropriate API’s so you can access, modify, and report on all of your data:

web services
Web Services

Send or receive data to any table in the environment while maintaining security in your own environment

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO integration with leading technology standards including SAML, OAuth, as well as support for others.


How Can Optymyze Help You?

Optymyze helps enterprises rapidly transform incentive compensation management by building sales force trust and motivation. How can Optymyze help you?

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