Sales Territory Management

Target the Right Opportunities and Maximize Your Revenue with Optymyze Software and Services

Design and manage your territories with Optymyze Sales Performance software and work with our sales operations experts to respond quickly to changes and improve your revenue potential.


Effective territory management helps companies to balance workload and resources. It is a vital process, yet many organizations find it hard to:

  • Size and structure territories that target the right customers, in the right locations.
  • Make timely changes to sales alignments.
  • Clearly provide assignments and performance information.
  • Respond quickly to trends, market changes, and emerging issues.


Get the most out of your sales force by owning all aspects of the sales territory management process:

  • Define territories according to geography, customer, channel, and any other factors.
  • Ensure alignment with sales strategy.
  • Improve sales engagement by effectively communicating assignments.
  • Gain quick visibility into performance with sales mapping.

Territory Management Solution Options

Optymyze offers two approaches to solving your territory management challenges.

Optymyze Sales Performance Software

Improve the revenue potential of your sales territories with these features and capabilities:

  • Configure complex requirements.
  • Use sales mapping with unlimited number of layers and insights.
  • Review and adjust alignments.
  • Integrate territories within compensation and quota management.

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Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service

As an addition to Optymyze Sales Performance software, our sales operations experts will work with you to:

  • Develop models for sales coverage, workload, and capacity.
  • Efficiently manage exceptions, splits, overlays, and other changes.
  • Create analytics reports and dashboards.
  • Manage ongoing territories and adjust as needed.

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