Sales People Management

Easily Administer Sales People Information and Improve Sales Performance Analyses

Optymyze offers solutions to help manage sales people information that is built specifically for data such as sales commissions and territory assignments. Optymyze Sales Performance automates the administration of your sales talent’s information and offers powerful analytics to understand and review their performance. Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service includes our expertise to improve and manage process for you.


For companies with large sales forces, traditional employee information databases are not fit for sales people data, making it difficult to:

  • Quickly and accurately resolve inquiries from salespeople.
  • Add new sales people to required systems and plans.
  • Develop a complete understanding of sales performance of individuals and teams.
  • Quickly communicate changes to targets, incentive programs, or territories.


Solutions built specifically for managing sales people information offer many advantages:

  • Streamline administration of personnel and compensation information.
  • Eliminate information security risks.
  • Enable smarter decisions with a 360 degree view of individual and team performance.
  • Improve data accuracy by automating manual processes and correcting systemic, recurring errors.

Sales People Management Solution Options

Optymyze offers two approaches to solving sales people management challenges:

Optymyze Sales Performance Software

Use these software capabilities for better management of sales people information:

  • Add, update, or communicate information through a single interface.
  • Design custom workflows for any process such as approving a plan assignment.
  • Set different permission levels to ensure information security.
  • Create automated alerts and notifications for events like new inquiries.
  • Integrate different data into one complete view of individual performance.

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Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service

In addition to sales performance software, Optymyze can design and oversee the management of sales people information for you. Let our expert consultants help you:

  • Gather requirements and design processes to combine different data sets.
  • Configure salesperson profiles and organization hierarchy.
  • Design and roll out custom sales performance analytics.
  • Analyze past performance and recommend improvements.

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