Sales Appraisal Management

Align the appraisal process with business strategy

Learn about sales appraisal software and services from Optymyze. Use Optymyze Sales Performance software to automate sales appraisals. Let Optymyze design a process that encapsulates your company’s strategy, is executed successfully, and resonates with salespeople.


Sales performance appraisal seems like an easy process – reward sales people according to their performance. But it has many challenges:

  • Inability to set up a fair, structured process for performance and competency scoring.
  • Inadequate methods of data collection and analysis for identifying skill gaps.
  • Ineffective communication regarding the appraisal structure, metrics, competency categories adjustments, and strategy.


Leverage the appraisal process to align sales effort to strategy and help the organization:

  • Increase employee engagement by clearly communicating the performance reward structure.
  • Get insight into team competency and performance with accurate data analysis.
  • Reward response to training, adherence to best practices, and willingness to embrace new initiatives.

Sales Appraisal Management Solution Options

Optymyze offers two approaches to solving your sales appraisal management challenges.

Optymyze Sales Performance Software

Use these features and capabilities to improve sales appraisal management:

  • Configure a flexible system for scoring competencies.
  • Automate scoring, adjustments, reviews, and approvals.
  • Use collaboration tools for easy and effective rollouts.
  • Get customized analytics reports with automated import, export, and data transformation processes.

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Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service

Our sales operations experts will design, automate, and manage everything and help you achieve desired business results:

  • Create the appraisal process around your business strategy and use customized dashboards to measure its effectiveness.
  • Create roll out materials and conduct internal training.
  • Model salary adjustments as per the reward structure and their budget impacts.

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