Optymyze Sales People TM

Optimize Sales Productivity with the Right Tools, Information, and Support

  • Enable reps and managers to easily access information that supports sound decision-making by providing a single, integrated sales performance solution.
  • Equip salespeople with anytime, anywhere access to information with our mobile-first solution.
  • Keep reps up-to-date on their performance, earnings, and progress towards goals.
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  • Support sales managers with real-time views of how their teams are performing.
  • Empower reps in the field to improve their skills without delay: managers can send immediate, constructive feedback.
  • End chronic compensation errors and the subsequent disputes and shadow accounting practices that sidetrack reps.
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  • Develop your sales team’s skills by communicating frequently and offering ongoing assessment and coaching.
  • Improve rep performance and satisfaction by tying merit increases to productivity and behavior.
  • Help your team maintain sales performance by providing support and resources during strategic changes.
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  • Build a team of top performers by identifying common success factors.
  • Evaluate individual performance based on metrics that matter most to Sales.
  • Use performance criteria to evaluate whether your reps have internalized onboarding and training processes.
  • Organize and deploy sales talent based on competencies and performance.
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Optymyze Sales PeopleTM is powered by:

Data Science Offer your sales reps the tools, technology, and information they need to turn current leads into successful deals.

Process Automation Automate time-consuming processes such as customer and account management, and accelerate sales cycles.

Enterprise Planning Streamline the training process and apply clear performance criteria that motivates your reps to win.

Advanced Analytics Provide your reps with access to performance insights that foster self-awareness and accountability while also offering the deep, data-driven customer insights that empower them to succeed.

Optymyze Solution

Get a comprehensive view of all performance data for each or your reps – or for your whole team. Configure profiles and organizational hierarchies, design and roll out advanced reports, analyze past performance, and get improvement recommendations.

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